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Dining News: Karma Brew to Replace Mochii at 16th & P in May


Karma Brew, a new cafe with a European flair focusing on more than just coffee and beer, will replace the spot formerly occupied by Mochii at 16th & P.

In a short interview on Saturday, owner Anthony Sadeghi told me that he hopes to open during the first week of May.

All the details haven't been worked out yet, but the restaurant will serve 50 types of tea, coffee, beer and wine. Sadeghi, who has advanced degrees in advertising and photography in England, was inspired by cafes he saw there and wants to combine the "European flair" with the "California flair."

As for food, he says that Karma Brew organic, local and fresh food (including wraps), paired with wine or beer.

He also realizes that there's a lot of tough competition on that part of town. "Karma Brew will be a wonderful addition to that corner," said Sadehi. "We are excited to be there. A small fish in a [big] tank."

Karma Brew will be open well into the evenings - probably until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends. The restaurant will definitely serve lunch and dinner, but he is still determining whether opening for breakfast makes sense.

Karma Brew isn't the owner's first experience in the restaurant industry. He has been involved with other cafes and has served as art designer for other restaurants such as Yogurt Delite. Because of that, in addition to the work he's putting into the food and drinks, he's also very focused on how the restaurant will look.

"It's going to be cozy decor with deco Victorian design mixed with industrial flair," said Sadehi, who added that in addition to having great food and service, he also wants the place to have a great "aura."

Karma Brew is located at 1530 16th Street, and can be found online at

More News:

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Icing on the Cupcake reopens single Rocklin store under new ownership - The new owners purchased the company’s assets and have said there are no current plans to expand beyond the one store in Rocklin. This week, the outlet commenced delivery service to Sacramento-area communities for varying costs. Icing on the Cupcake says it has retained recipes that were popularized under the previous ownership. Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

Eye openers - Mother, the hot new restaurant on K Street next to the Crest Theatre, rolled out its brunch menu last weekend for the first time. Among other things, the restaurant is featuring three kinds of Dutch babies, a pancake/souffle kind of dish delivered to the table in a piping hot cast-iron pan. I haven’t seen a Dutch baby served at other local restaurants in recent years. But after tasting both a sweet and savory version at Mother, you’d have to think they are going to catch on elsewhere. Mother is on the verge of making these a quintessential brunch staple. Blair Anthony Robertson inthe Sac Bee

CHELO : Filipino Restaurant - I would definitely like to go back to Chelo to try some of their other silog dishes. There are so many choices; not to mention- the prices are cheap, portion sizes are just right, parking's a breeze and they take plastic. Oh, they even do take-out! So if you're feeling a little bit adventurous, I would suggest heading out to South Sac and partaking in the national breakfast dish of the Philippines. It's a wonderful mélange of  fatty, salty, greasy deliciousness! (Ideal for hangovers.) Ally Gaffan on A Girl & Her Fork.

VIDEO: Cooking : Kupros Crafthouse - Chef Christopher Lotta whips up “Brussels on Fire” for the FOX40 morning crew. On FOX 40.


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