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Dining News: Sac Bee Critic Dings Dime, Defends Review

Dining News: Mystery Solved - Owner of Akebono/Ryujin to Replace Sweetwater


Based on the reaction on Twitter over the last 24 hours, many people bemoaned that another sushi restaurant was coming to The Grid. I interpret that as there being too many mediocre sushi places on the grid, and not because there are too many good ones. Luckily for us, it looks like the owner of two other successful restaurants is looking to add a third to his empire.

The owner of Land Park's Akebono and Midtown's Ryujin Ramen House has leased the location to open another Japanese restaurant, a restaurant industry source tells me.

I walked into Ryujin on Monday evening, and they confirmed that they would be opening a new restaurant there, but the concept isn't final yet.

Personally, I'm hoping for an Izakaya, which is a Japanese bar that also serves small plates. It'll be unlike anything else we have nearby (Sorry - The Izakaya in Land Park, your menu doesn't match your name). I've really enjoyed all my visits to Akebono and some ramen lovers say that Ryujin Ramen is as good or better than the acclaimed Shoki Ramen in Curtis Park. I'm not a Ramen expert, but the fact that there's even a discussion is a good thing for Ryujin.

I peeked into the windows of the old Sweetwater location today, and it looks like they've already started to do some light demolition. Based on the condition of the interior, though, my guess is that they're months away from opening.

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