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Dining News: New Burgers & Brew Location Replacing Purgatory


Burgers & Brew will be adding a second location on The Grid, replacing Purgatory at 17th & J in early 2015, reports Sac Biz Journal's Ben van der Meer.

Derar Zawaydeh, who owns with his brother the successful gourmet counter-service burger restaurants as well as Crepeville restaurants, said the project is already in design phase.

“It’s going to be something similar to what’s on R Street,” Zawaydeh said of the 12,800-square-foot building, which he and his brother  bought this week. The principal difference stems from the layout, he said. With a 6,000-square-foot basement, the building at 1616 J St. will have brewing tanks planted there and coming through the floor to the ground level, where the restaurant and bar service will be.

Earlier, van der Meer reported that the owners of Burgers & Brew and Crepeville had purchased the building, they had yet to announce what brand they would be using at the location.

Read the entire story in Sac Biz Journal.

There are currently four Burgers & Brew locations, including Downtown (14th & R), the Airport, Davis and Chico.

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