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Dining News: RIP Squeeze Inn West Sac

Dining News: What Darrell Corti Thinks is Wrong With Italian Food in America

Darrell corti

Darrell Corti may be Sacramento's foremost expert on food. He's probably forgotten more about food just this year than I'll ever hope to know.

In an interview with The Daily Meal, he gives his opinion on what's wrong with Italian food in America.

You grew up in an Italian-American household, have traveled extensively in Italy, and gained deep knowledge of Italian food and wine. What do you think Americans still don't understand about the way Italians eat and drink?

Americans still don't get the simplicity of it all! My Italian friends all want to know, "why do Americans abuse garlic so much?" It seems that Americans, especially young chefs, want to improve on a dish by adding more to it, when what it really wants is to be left alone (like in The Big Night) Sometimes it also seems that everything has to be partnered with something else: wines, additives like other seasonings. Most who go to Italy to work, return to sort of magnify in an "American" way what they learned. There are very few real Italian restaurants here since everyone wants his idea of Italian food to be the correct one. A big peeve is how to dress pasta. Americans like sauce with pasta, not pasta with sauce! I'm already in enough trouble answering this question!!

Before this interview, I knew that Corti (of the famed Corti Bros. store in East Sac) was an expert, but I never knew what his background was and how he continues to expand his knowledge. The Q and A is a short and quick read.

Read the entire interview in The Daily Meal.

Photo via Darrell Corti's Facebook Page.

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VIDEO: Make The Perfect Hollandaise Sauce - It’s National Eggs Benedict Day! Eric Rucker learns how to make the perfect hollandaise sauce from Chef Kurt Spataro from Cafe Bernardo. On FOX 40.


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