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Instant Reaction: Fahrenheit 250 BBQ


Much has already been written about Fahrenehit 250 BBQ, the new restaurant that replaced Bisla's Sports Bar on Folsom.

Sac News & Review's Janelle Bitker said the ribs may be the best in town.

Sac Bee's Allen Pierleoni lauded the "shrimp and sausage coins with grits cakes, sweet prawns wrapped in house-cured bacon, cheesy grits, corn-and-crawfish fritters, fried green tomatoes, red beans ‘n’ rice, sweet collard greens, excellent coleslaw, and a rich dip made from smoked Mt. Lassen red trout and artichoke."

Good Day Sac's Cambi Brown praised their craft cocktails.

But the one thing that I didn't see mentioned was their pulled pork - which I had and loved.


Half pound of pulled pork with a side of mac 'n' cheese and collard greens. $15

The most common problem I've experienced with pulled pork is that it's dry and tasteless. The chef at Fahrenheit 250 BBQ pulled it off, with a moist and flavorful meat that's complimented by your choice of four sauces - house, spicy, Carolina vinegar and a mustard-based one.


Of the sauces, I enjoyed the mustard and the original. I'm not a big fan of vinegary BBQ sauces and spicy food, so I chose not to explore the other two options.

As part of the meal, I also tried the corn & crawfish fritters ($11).


It was my first time eating a crawfish & corn appetizer in any restaurant, so I don't have much to compare it to. I will say that I thought it was skillfully fried so it was crispy and not oily, the side of tamarind ketchup was tasty and it's a great dish to share while grabbing a drink at happy hour.


For dessert, I tried the New York style cheese cake with a graham cracker crust ($7). It was on the lighter side, which I prefer - especially after a giant meal. I also appreciated the care put into decorating the dessert - especially the white pig on top of the slice of cake.

The meal, which I ate at the hosted media preview, was ginormous. I wasn't able to finish the appetizer, entree and dessert, so I took it home, and my wife and I ate the leftovers for dinner.


The owners also took great care in the restaurant decor. I think it's best described as country hipster.


The restaurant has a good-sized bar area, with TVs. While it won't be a sports bar, they expect to have sports on those TVs the majority of the time.

If you like midtown's Tank House, I think you'll also like Fahrenheit 250 BBQ too. They share a similar vibe, my guess is that they'll share a similar clientele, but the one advantage that Fahrenheit 250 BBQ has is that since it's away from the Downtown area, they have plenty of parking.

Gratuitous picture of their smoker.

I'm intrigued enough to give this place another try. I liked the vibe, I thought the food showed promise, and I like that I can meet a friend there without having to worry about finding street parking.

Fahrenheit 250 BBQ is located at 7042 Folsom Blvd. and can be found online at http://fahrenheitbbq.com/.

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