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Instant Reaction: Wrap N' Roll Sushi Burrito


Wrap N' Roll Sushi Burrito opened its second location a few weeks back, replacing Trey B Cakes at 1801 L street.

I stopped by on their opening weekend to give their unique concept a try.

When I walked in, I had prepared myself mentally to not like the place. The idea of putting tuna and salmon inside a tortilla didn't seem like something I'd like.

Luckily, I was wrong. I was wrong on the concept and I had a surprisingly decent meal.

First of all, nothing we ordered had a tortilla. It's more about giant sushi rolls rather than pairing carnitas with wakame.

I ate there with three friends, and this is what we ordered.


Triple Sashimi Sushi Burrito: Fresh Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail Sashimi, wakame salad, tempura asparagus, shredded daikon, fried garlic, house pickled sunomono, black tobico, green onions, wasabi mayo.


Sashimi Sushi Burrito - Salmon and tuna sashimi, tempura shrimp, fried won ton strips, guacamole, radish sprouts, jalapenos, house pickled sunomono, green onions, wasabi mayo, habanera sauce.


Volcano Nachos: Won ton chips topped with minced tuna, sesame seeds, red tobiko, guacamole, green onions, nori strips and dizzled with habanera and Sriracha aioli.

Spicy Tuna Roll: Spicy Tuna, tempura shrimp, house pickled sunomono, green onions, guacamole, ted tobico, shaved jalapenos, radish sprouts, eggroll skins, fried garlic, habanera sauce and Sriracha aioli.

I found the food decent. I'm sure Kru's Billy Ngo isn't looking over his shoulder afraid that Wrap N Roll sushi's going to eclipse him in the creativity or execution departments, but that doesn't seem to be their goal. Each roll/burrito was less than $10, and at that price, you get enough food to be reasonably full. Compare that to what you'd get for $10 from Mikuni. Between the four of us (two men and two women), we actually ended up taking home almost a full roll/burrito, which was the width of a soda can or small bottle of water. The tuna was fresh enough, and they made sure to fill the roll with wakame and other ingredients instead of just adding more rice.

The volcano nachos were pretty spicy, as the entree's name would suggest. The won ton chips were well prepared and the mix of flavors worked well.

If I had to nitpick, the roll/burrito is actually hard to eat without it falling apart. The end of the roll is open-ended like a roll and not folded like a burrito, leading to roll falling apart as you finish each half. I'd prefer if they used a larger sheet of seaweed so they could do the traditional burrito folding. The way they're constructed now, make sure you grab a fork to eat everything that falls out of the roll.


With that said, the place was a lot of fun with murals full of local landmarks. Our $10 per person dinner is among the cheapest you'd find in that part of midtown. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Wrap N' Roll Sushi Burrito is located at 1801 L Street, and can be found online at http://www.wrapnrollsushiburrito.com/.

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