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Dining News: Cielito Lindo's Chef/Owner Says Restaurant Will Reopen, Unsure of Location


Picture of Cielieto Lindo's fire damage taken the day of the fire.

After the devistating fire that destroyed much of the newish East Sac Restaurant, Cielito Lindo owner Ramiro Alarcon vowed to reopen, with the location dependent on an insurance payout, reports the Sac Bee's Chris Macias.

Initial estimates from his insurance company pencil out damages of approximately $100,000. Alarcon said he expects Cielito Lindo to be closed for a maximum of six months for repairs, but hopes to open sooner. He frets about his employees dealing with lost wages.

“For many of the workers, this was the only job they had,” said Alarcon. “They’re having trouble.”

Depending on the final damage report, Alarcon said he may end up moving Cielito Lindo to another central city location. He prefers to keep serving food in east Sac, where the neighbors have shared plenty of encouragement during these uncertain times.

Read the entire story, which doubles as a really well-written profile of the chef and the challenges he's overcome, in the Sac Bee.

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