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The 5 Most Inviting 1st Date Happy Hours, From The Queen of Dating

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At the recent Girls on the Grid Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette event at Mix Downtown, I met Jenn, The Queen of Dating, who provides in-person coaching for people who want to improve their dating skills.

As an avid reader of Cowtown Eats, Jenn's been using the site to tell her clients where to go on dates.

While I'm not looking to turn this into Girls Cowtown Eats on the Grid, I thought the Cowtown Eats audience would appreciate some of her professional advice and thoughts.

The Queen of Dating will I will also be teaming up to put on Cowtown Eats happy hours, starting this summer. Look for details coming soon.

So without further delay, here are the 5 most inviting first date happy hours, from Jenn, The Queen of Dating.


Lucca - When you walk into Lucca during happy hour, the room is full of laughter, spunk and optimism.  Great drinks, cheap eats and an upscale environment provide an inviting and cost efficient first date location.  Lucca won’t break the bank and you will get to sample the menu without looking cheap.



BJ’s at Arden Fair - Bj’S bar area is full of tv’s which at first glance may be a turnoff, but in awkward first date lulls, it provides a quick and easy conversation filler.  People watching is a plenty as well with the mix and mingle of people who frequent the restaurant changes.  There is always a lot going on around your table and never a boring place to people watch.  On Tuesdays, they have half off all wine, which means you can get a nice glass of wine for as cheap at $2.50.  Not a bad first date investment!  Plus they have delicious yummy bites that can easily be shared.  


Republic Bar and Grill - Sports, Ski Ball, Pool tables-Plenty to do on a budget.  Happy hour drink and food plus the perks of indoor entertainment can all be found under one roof.  Grab a drink and head to play some ski ball or pool to pass the time quickly and with a laugh.


R15- A very eclectic crowd is always to be found at R15.  If you like to people watch and struggle to make conversation on a first date, sit out on the patio and people watch and let that guide your conversation.  R15 also offers pool tables and fun music videos to pass the time and get your date started off right.


Cafeteria 15L-  A fun and happening place to go on a first date.  Cafeteria 15L is located in the heart of midtown, with great eats and drinks and plenty of room to hang out and chat.  The patio area is especially good for first dates because you can get a cabana and get to know your date one on one without the whole restaurant overhearing your conversation.  Cafeteria 15L will provide you a server to order off the happy hour menu and will still be affordable.  If you are looking for more of the upscale restaurant experience on a budget, I would head to Caferteria 15L and enjoy the experience!

This is the first in a series of posts from Jenn. You can check out Jenn's Web site at http://www.thequeenofdating.com/.


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