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University of Beer's midtown location will hold its grand opening on Wednesday, June 22.

The restaurant and bar, whose first location was in Davis, held its soft opening on Tuesday night.

I signed up for their e-mail list off their Facebook page and snagged an invite. They were also letting people who showed up off the street into the restaurant.

After grabbing a round of beer there with a drinking companion, I can tell this place will be very successful. It has a very modern vibe, like a smaller, more neighborhood version of Firestone. It'll be a great sports bar. If they were open during the World Cup, soccer fans and alcoholics others who like to day drink would have been lined up outside the door. I can't wait to watch football on its more than half dozen screens later this year. They have seating for 60 or so inside with another approximately 25 seats on the patio.


University of Beer features an extensive beer list and a modest food menu. With 100 beers on tap, they decided the best way to list all the beers were on a half dozen flat screen TVs on a rotating basis. You can also use your smart phone to check the list online. Honestly, it does the job, but is a little clunky.

The restaurant is bar/counter service, with beer and food orders handled at two registers to the far left when you enter the bar. Drinks, included two free tastings, are provided immediately, and food is delivered to your table. Unfortunately, during the soft opening, not all the beers were available and the prices weren't listed yet. I'm sure they'll fix these items as they get situated.


I had passed by the location in recent weeks and while the physical space looked ready, its opening was delayed by red tape relating to its liquor license. They received their liquor license on Tuesday and opened on Tuesday night.

In addition to University of Beer's two locations, the family that owns the restaurant also owns Ket Mo Ree, a Thai restaurant in Davis. Their bar menu shows many Thai influences. While I love Thai food, I'm not sure their limited menu will be sufficient as the restaurant matures. I hope they continue to expand their menu as they grow into the space.

University of Beer can be found at 1510 16th St. and can be found online at http://www.theuob.com/.

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