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Dining News: Which Sacramento Chef Set to Become a Food Network/ABC Star?

Chef Keith Breedlove of Papa Dale's Diner food truck (no relation to chef Johnny Breedlove, now at Field House) is getting close to appearing on ABC reality cooking show The Taste 3, per his tweet last week.

I DM'ed him on twitter over the weekend asking him to elaborate, but he demurred, citing a non disclosure agreement. Using a little common sense, one doesn't get asked to sign a NDA unless there's *something* going on.

Chef Breedlove did reveal that he's set to appear on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen on Dec. 7 and Guy's Grocery Games in October. Chef Breedlove will be (at least) the second Sacramento chef on Cutthroat Kitchen, with Kru's Billy Ngo appearing in Feb. 2014.

The concept of the show starts as a standard issue cooking show with four contestants who are alloted a certain amount of money. They can use the money each round to either buy an item or take away an item from an opponent, like a knife.

Guy's Grocery Games stars Northern California's own Guy Fieri. I've never watched the show, and per Wikipedia, the concept's not that straight forward. Read more about it here.

I asked Chef Breedlove how he finds his way onto the radar of the cooking shows' producers. For Guy's Grocery Games, Fieri gave the show's producer's Chef Breedlove's info and they were in touch. The Cutthroat Kitchen opportunity came about after seeing a tape of Chef Breedlove's yet unaired appearance on Guy's Grocery Games.

But for those of you who want to get a taste of him now, you can check him out on the Culi-Nerdy Corner on Good Day Sac.

Chef Breedlove's been on a roll recently. He also won took second at the professional chef's challenge at the State Fair, with Chef Cecil Rhodes of Bella Bru taking the top prize (via Good Day Sac's Tina Macuha.)

For those who want to try his food before he gets even more famous, find him at http://www.thedinertruck.com/, on Twitter, @PapaDalesDiner or at Facebook.com/PapaDalesMobile.

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