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It's not often you see one local writer do a full frontal attack on another - especially when the topic is something as inconsequential (in the big picture) as food.

But Sac News & Review's Calendar Editor Jonathan Mendick described a recent Sac Biz Journal article as "stupid." From his story:

Before you go do something stupid like call brick toast “a thing” or “honey toast”—as did a recent Sacramento Business Journal article—first know this: It's actually a Taiwanese dish known as nai su tu si, which means “milk crispy toast” in Mandarin, and describes a thick piece of white toast slathered in buttermilk.

Read the entire article in Sac News & Review.

Mendick is referring to a Sept. 4 article by Sonya Sorich in the Sac Biz Journal, headlined "Never heard of honey toast? It's a thing, and you can try it in Sacramento"

Some people call it the "big mama." Order honey toast at Snowbee Tea Station and you'll get a big cube of toasted bread topped with ice cream and other extras such as almonds and macarons. Just when you think you've reached carbohydrate overload, you might find the smaller cubes of toast inside "big mama."

You panic, but realize there's no turning back. Especially since many varieties of honey toast aren't exactly cheap. "Macaron Madness," for example, costs $13.99.

Read the entire article in Sac Biz Journal.

So which local writer is right? I have no independent knowledge to judge, but I know that Mendick's written about his half Chinese heritage and his trips to Asia. That doesn't necessarily mean he's right here though.

Have an opinion on who is correct in this culinary spat? Leave it in the comments below.

* Photo via Snowbee's Facebook Page.

** Update: Mendick leaves a response in the comments below.

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Hey Darrel, not trying to start a media flame war here or a "full frontal" as you've eloquently put it. I've never met Sonya, but I like her stuff in the Biz Journal and read it often to find out about business news. Yes, there's something called "honey toast" or "Shibuya honey toast." And then there's also Taiwanese brick toast (nai su tu si). Neither is a new thing. Some people use the three terms interchangeably for some reason (confusingly). The way I see it, "honey toast" is supposed to refer to a huge brick of toast (like half a loaf of bread) with a whole bunch of stuff on it and in it (not always honey). I don't think it should be used to describe a slice of brick toast (Snowbee serves both). In conclusion, I'm just not a fan of honey toast in general (too much bread, not enough flavor) nor the fact that it's being confused for brick toast (or vice versa). Snowbee's brick toast (they call it "Classic") is good, but I haven't yet tried their honey toast (though I've tried others in different cities).

The picture that Sorich posted and wrote about certainly looks like Honey Toast aka Shibuya Honey toast, the dessert that is popular in Japan and available throughout Asia.

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