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Dining News: Iron Grill Gets Better With Age, Seasoning


Like a cast iron grill that's been properly cared for, Iron Grill (formerly known as Iron Steaks) across from Target on Broadway has hit its stride, says Sac Bee food critic Blair Anthony Robertson.

Slowly but surely, this eatery – stylish and casual – continues to improve...

Led by executive chef Keith Swiryn, the kitchen handled everything we ordered with aplomb, including a rib-eye special with blue cheese; surf and turf featuring wonderful lobster; crisp, golden-brown fried chicken; flavor-packed jambalaya with prawns, andouille sausage and free-range chicken; a simple yet stunningly delectable tempura green bean appetizer; and a thick and juicy “Battle Burger” topped with a slab of tender pork belly.

Even its wedge salad, a steakhouse staple that’s often awash in watery blandness, was a wonderful little dish, complete with thick and delicious cubes of house-cured bacon.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

You can also read Robertson's 2010 review of Iron Steaks here.

Iron Grill is on my way home from work, and I stop by occasionally for happy hour (which I've found pleasant). I've also enjoyed brunch and dinners there in the past, and will have to add this to the list of places to try again soon.

BTW: If you're looking to save a few bucks while trying out Iron Grill, they have a deal over at Living Social.

Iron Grill is located at Broadway and 13th St, and can be found online at http://irongrillsacramento.com/.

* Photo via Iron Grill's Facebook Page.

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