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Dining News: Bacon & Butter Opens New Location on Monday

Dining News: 'The Pit' at TBD Fest Explained

TBD Fest is this weekend's much-hyped music festival in West Sac. While it's mostly about music, under the direction of Block Butcher Bar & LowBrau chef Michael Tuohy, 14 chefs will compete in The Pit, an open fire cooking competition.

Per the FOX 40 interview above, 14 chefs (including Tuohy) will cook 350 bites in just 3 hours. Two chefs will compete at a time in a Friendly Fire competition, with Tuohy and Grange Chef Oliver Ridgeway kicking it off on Friday. Two pairs total will compete on Friday, three pairs competing on Saturday and the remaining two rounding out the weekend on Sunday.

Here's the schedule for Friendly Fire, via the Sac Biz Journal.


  • 3 to 6 p.m. Michael Tuohy of LowBrau and Block Butcher Bar vs. Oliver Ridgeway of Grange
  • 7 to 10 p.m. Noah Zonca of Zonca's vs. Shannon McElroy of Federalist Public House


  • 12 to 3 p.m. Ian MacBride of Lucca vs. Carina Lampkin of Blackbird
  • 4 to 7 p.m. Jason Kupper of Urban Heritage in Napa vs. Matt Brown of Forester Foods
  • 8 to 11 p.m. Brian Mizner of Hook & Ladder vs. Mike Fagioni of Hawks


  • 12 to 3 p.m. Dennis Sydnor of Ten22 vs. Jason Azevedo of Mighty Tavern
  • 4 to 7 p.m. Mike Thiemann and Matt Masera of Mother vs. Kurt Spataro of Paragary Restaurant Group

In addition, the Biz Journal reports there will be food trucks including Fusion Eats, Volks Waffle, Drewski’s, Krush Burger and Cruzin Crustacean.

Read the entire story in the Sac Biz Journal.

Tickets start at $69 per day, or $159 for all three days. Click here to get tickets.

More News:

TBD Fest treats local chefs like rock stars - Moby, Blondie and dozens of other musicians will provide an earful of sounds at West Sacramento’s TBD Fest, which runs Friday through Oct. 5. But the festival is also designed to fill the stomach, with an array of local food and drink vendors to help satiate the appetites of the expected 5,000 daily attendees. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Breaking Bread with Chef Michael Tuohy - Sacramento is lucky enough to be cradled alongside what is often referred to as the nation’s breadbasket, the San Joaquin Valley. What better way to celebrate this doughy moniker than stuffing it with house-made sausage, or layering on cured meats and artisanal cheeses? I recently sat down with Michael Tuohy, a man who is making just such a dream possible. Michelle Labi-Klonecke in The City Scouts.

Sacramento’s all-new TBD Fest is a go; Music, food, art shopping and more—organizers behind TBD Fest aim to reflect and refine Sacramento’s growth - TBD is a reflection of Sacramento’s growth, particularly in the creative worlds of architecture, art, music, design and food. It even includes a series of show posters designed by local artists such as Laura Matranga, John Conley, and Benjamin Della Rosa. Hargis says he hopes it’ll one day become synonymous with Sacramento. He also hopes it can be a nationally tastemaking event, similar to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in its earliest days. With more than 80 scheduled acts, TBD Fest’s lineup also features plenty of lesser-known bands—but Hargis predicts big things for them. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

5 reasons to stop screwing around and buy a ticket to TBD Fest - 4. A foodie stage and unshitty beer. There’s a food competition at TBD called “The Pit.” It’ll work like this: Restaurants like Hook & Ladder, Block, Mother, Lucca, Grange, Hawks, Ten22, 58 Degrees and more will prepare small bites in an open-fire kitchen. Attendees will taste these for free and vote for the winner. I’m also told there’ll be a grip of awesome eateries serving up fare. No hot dog for you. Bonus: Chef Michael Tuohy from Block Butcher Bar is in charge, and he doesn’t drop the ball. As for the brew: Track 7, Yolo, Bike Dog, Woodfour, Heretic, Ruhstaller and Berryessa will be poured in the special craft beer area. If you like to swill piss, I’m sure there’ll be some Bud Light out there, too. Nick Miller in Sac News & Review.

Feast Q&A: Pizza Rock’s Tony Gemignani on his life of pie - Thin crust or thick? Pepperoni or sausage? The variables don’t matter – we love pizza no matter what. Last year 71,000-plus pizzerias had $37.3 billion in sales, numbers that are expected to rise like, well, pizza dough by year’s end. Smack in the middle of all this is Tony Gemignani, chef-owner of Sacramento’s Pizza Rock (and seven other pizza-centric restaurants), 11-time world pizza champion, Food Network pizza gold medalist and, coming Oct. 21, author of “The Pizza Bible” (Ten Speed Press, $30, 320 pages). Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Midtown’s Centro Cocina Mexicana still a sure bet - But while 33rd Street Bistro has seemed to stagnate, eventually falling behind newer, more compelling eateries, Centro has held up much better. Now, there is simply more competition when it comes to upscale, casual Mexican food. Nevertheless, the food at Centro is generally better than the food at Ernesto’s and Zócalo, though the setting at Zócalo is arguably more elegant and attractive for the cool crowd of the moment. But the food at Mayahuel, that relative newcomer on K Street downtown, is in my estimation more dynamic and creative – and cooked with more assertiveness and skill – than the fare at Centro. After all these years, Centro is still a good bet for Mexican food that mixes artistry with comfort. It’s just no longer out there on its own, no longer seen as a game-changing venture, and for now, no longer at the top of the heap. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Move-in for 16 Powerhouse planned by year's end - Construction of the mixed-use development 16 Powerhouse at 16th and P streets, an object of attention in midtown Sacramento for months, is entering its final phase. Within about two months, leasing will begin for the 50 condominiums, with move-in around the end of the year to coincide with three retail spots opening on the ground floor. Ben van der Meer in Sac Biz Journal.

VIDEO: Why didn't someone think of this before? - In "Finally, tonight," News10's Walt Gray says this (great) invention gives new meaning to the term "bottom's up" - a bottom filling beer cup. On News 10.

VIDEO: Roseville chef beats Bobby Flay - Chef Rina Younan from the Oakmont of Roseville cooks up her Food Network award winning Falafel Sandwich. On KCRA.


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