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$10 Cab Rides on New Year's Eve in Sacramento


The most important thing tomorrow is that you get home safely. For many, that means using Uber or Lyft - two good options for summoning a sober ride home after an evening of drinking. (Disclaimer - Uber's sponsored a post in the past.)

But one down side to those ride sharing apps is surge pricing, which means it cost more when demand is the highest. Now, there's nothing wrong about the basic economic concept of supply and demand. We take advantage of supply and demand on this blog all the time with happy hour deals. When demand is low, prices go down too. The converse is true when trying to get a ride.

However, a new app Flywheel (which summons traditional Taxis) is trying to solve that problem - at least for New Year's eve.

All rides in Sacramento on New Year's Eve will only be $10. From their blog post:

From 8pm Wednesday (12/31/14) til 3am Thursday (1/1/15) all Flywheel rides in Sacramento will be charged a flat rate of $10. Rides exceeding $50 will be charged the metered balance.

And to help make sure you get a ride on such a crazy night, Flywheel is incentivizing our drivers with a generous tip. Pretty sweet.

Last New Year’s Eve people were charged up to seven times the normal rate by other services – not cool! This New Year’s Eve is all about the Benjamins (staying in your wallet).

Click here to join Flywheel.

Or if riding Taxis isn't your cup of tea, you can also sign up for Uber or Lyft here. (Disclosure: I get a couple bucks in credit if you sign up via my link, but hey, this is a free Web site. Why not help me out?)


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