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Dining News: RIP Cafe Soleil


Cafe Soleil will close on Friday, the restaurant announced on Facebook.

Here's the full text of their post:

Loyal Soleil Customers,

It it with a heavy heart I announce that Soleil will be closing it's doors on Friday December 5th. Please come by this week if you want to grab a delicious meal one more time and use your gift certificates.

The Ix Family sends a sincere thank you to all of your support over the years. The customers and memories will always be cherished.

This is a wonderful local family business that will be greatly missed by the community. We will always be thankful for the amazing food, service and thoughts of Nicole and her beautiful family that made our week days brighter and our tastebuds happy.

The Sacramento Bee's Ryan Lillis fills in some more of the details:

Yesenia Ix said changes to Cesar Chavez Plaza have made it difficult for the cafe to remain open.

The city has spent millions of dollars renovating the park in recent years. The work disrupted business at Café Soleil, as fences surrounded much of the park, Ix said.

“People turn away whenever they see a fence,” Ix said.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

For those who want to pay one last visit to Cafe Soleil, it is located at 917 9th St.

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