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Dining News: South to Open on Tuesday


South will finally open on Tuesday, the restaurant announced on Facebook.

It had an inspection today, but some "minor fixes" were required. The inspector will return on Monday and the restaurant expects to be open the next day.

Here's a little more on the restaurant from Tori Masucci Cummins in Sactown Mag.

Other big news for the restaurant is that a new executive chef is coming on board: Rachel Kelly, formerly of Revolution Wines and Ella...Kelly has a fresh vision for South’s menu, mixing Southern influences with a clean California edge.

With the tagline “tradition reinvented,” the restaurant’s menu will be split into “old school” and “new school” eats. Look for classic items like the signature fried chicken (N'Gina’s mother’s recipe; it’s seasoned inside and outside) and a crispy fried tiger shrimp po’ boy. Fun twists on Southern staples will include Carolina rice balls (a twist on arancini) and a deep-fried oyster and steamed crayfish Louie.

Read the entire article in Sactown Mag.

Owner N'Gina Kavookjian also took to her blog to describe the anxiety involved in opening a highly anticipated restaurant.

The hype is getting to me...

We have been blessed with the attention, the articles, the blog love that we have received over the past two years, but I find myself in these really shitty panicky moments of feeling like all the hype about South could backlash against us. That Sacramentians that crave the next "it" spot may put us on pedestal that, not only did I not want to stand on, but could not live up to in the imaginations of what some people perceive South to be.

Read her entire post on South's Blog.

I'm really excited to give the restaurant a try and to experience it as the owners have conceived.

South is located at 2005 11th St, and can be found online at

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