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Dining News: Brock MacDonald of Block Butcher Bar Wins Sac Bacon Fest Chefs Competition


When Michael Tuohy left Block Butcher Bar and LowBrau for the new Kings Arena, he left a void in who would be the public culinary face for the restaurants at 20th & K streets.

With his win at Sunday's Sac Bacon Fest Chefs Competition, Chef Brock Macdonald has stepped in to fill those shoes.

Here's Chef Brock's appearance on KCRA on Sunday morning, previewing the chef's competition.

In case you don't know much about Brock, Chef Tuohy described him as "a young chef from Sacramento who is extremely passionate about all things Pig, Salted & Cured" in a Feb. 2014 blog post announcing his team at Block Butcher Bar.

Here's what Sactown Mag reported about Brock in Feb. 2014:

The team also brought aboard head butcher Brock MacDonald, formerly of Restaurant Thir13en, to manage the butcher-block work. “He has a pig tattooed on the side of his head, for God’s sake,” Hargis says. “We couldn’t ask for a better guy. Before we opened, he got ‘salt’ and ‘time’ tattooed on his hands because he will be doing our in-house charcuterie. He’s in it for the long haul, so that’s cool.”

If you want to check out his tattoo, here's a video from his Instagram.


A video posted by Brock Macdonald (@eatbrocksmeat) on Jan 25, 2015 at 11:21am PST

Congrats to Brock and all those who participated in the Sac Bacon Fest Chef's competition. For more pictures of the event, check out Sac Bacon Fest's Facebook Page.

** Update: Brock reacted on Twitter early Monday morning.

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