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Living Social Deal for Morimoto in Napa


Eating at an Iron Chef's restaurant will never be cheap, but sometimes they'll offer a deal that makes it a little less exhorbitant.


Morimoto, by Iron Chef Morimoto in Napa, is doing a Living Social Deal today - the first I can recall the restaurant doing - and saving you 38%. The deal is for an omakase lunch, which means you'll be eating what the chef wants to make for you that day (after taking into account your dietary restrictions). I've had an omakase meal at Kru, and it was one of the best dining experiences I've had. Now, I'm looking forward to doing it at Morimoto in Napa.

Both deals come with a welcome glass of bubbles.

Click here to get the deal.

Morimoto is located at 610 Main Street in downtown Napa - less than 60 miles from the State Capitol. The restaurant can be found online at http://morimotonapa.com/.

* Photo via Morimoto Napa's Facebook Page.


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