Dining News: Magpie Ownership Fires Back at Union 'Bullying'
Dining News: Red Rabbit Chef Branches Out to East Sac

Dining News: Temple Coffee Expands to 22th & K

Local coffee hotspot Temple Coffee to open fourth location at 22th & K, on what may become the best block for coffee in the Sacramento area.

Temple's newest location will be adjacent to The Trade, a workplace, office and coffee shop at 2220 K Street, that will serve Blue Bottle Coffee and pastries from Freeport Bakery.

There's been a little noise on Twitter accusing Temple Coffee of pulling a Starbucks. I don't think that's an apt comparison. First, there's ample evidence that there's a multiplying effect to having eateries near each other. Two local examples are the R Street corridor and J Street where Red Rabbit, Centro and Bar West thrive. Second, Temple's not a giant. They're entrepreneurs trying to make it like everybody else. It's more likely that they found a venue that worked for them, as opposed to targeting a cafe inside a co-working space that hasn't even opened yet.

When it opens, Temple Coffee's newest location will be at 2200 K Street.

More News:

Drink me: Enlightenment, Temple Coffee - But instead of taking my usual black coffee to assuage the bitterness, I choose the path of Enlightenment. A smooth, yet rich drink made from green tea, honey and steamed soy milk, the floral sweetness of the Enlightenment ($4.65) is soft enough to ease the morning tension. Anthony Siino in Sac News & Review.

Dining review: No thumbs up for food at Studio Movie Grill - Studio Movie Grill is a chain with 20-plus restaurant/theater properties in Texas, Florida, Arizona and beyond. The idea on paper seems appealing, especially if you’re into multitasking. But the food simply isn’t good enough to become an integral part of the experience. But I highly recommend seeing movies here. You can reserve your seats, pay in advance, arrive when you like and, best of all, you are under no obligation to order any food. Blair Antony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Police Investigate Natomas Business Break Ins - Three restaurants in the Park Place II shopping center on the 4700 block of Natomas Boulevard were among those hit on Feb. 17, 2015. The break ins were first discovered when the owner of Sushi Elite arrived and found the restaurant’s glass door shattered. Doors were broken as well at Teriyaki Time and Maharaja’s. On Natomas Buzz.

Lobster food truck from 'Shark Tank' coming to Sacramento - A food truck that got national attention on "Shark Tank" is setting up shop in Sacramento. Cousins Maine Lobster Sacramento is expected to kick off business in mid-April, courtesy of local franchisees Paul Sharkey and Vickie Sharkey. Offering items ranging from lobster rolls to lobster tacos, the food truck will be available for a variety of events. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Try It: Pushkin's Bakery - We reveled in some seriously tasty sweet treats recently at Pushkin’s Bakery, a cheery, family-owned establishment on 29th Street that offers wheat/gluten- and dairy-free desserts. On a sparklingly sunny Sunday, we dug into the bakery’s crumbly, powdered sugar-covered (and vegan) Russian tea cake, a scrumptious gooey-on-the-inside, crusty-on-the-outside chocolate crinkle cookie, and a pop-in-your-mouth mini lemon poppyseed pound cake that Pushkin’s calls, simply, an “Awesome.” Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

World Eats: Sacramento’s La Superior SuperMercado - La Superior is modeled after those markets. But instead of wandering around a labyrinth of centuries-old passages as one would in an old Mexican city, La Superior is more like a big American supermarket with tidy aisles – except for one thing. Where you’d see a big sign in an American layout directing you to the “delicatessen,” at La Superior the sign says “cocina.” That means kitchen, and at this store – the largest of the four La Superior locations in the Sacramento region – the cooking has the variety and volume of a restaurant, seating included. Elaine Corn in the Sac Bee.

Coin Op Swap: Local karaoke haunt closes, making way for new arcade bar on The Kay - Passersby will soon see renovation on the Marilyn’s property to accommodate a dozen TVs, several dozen arcade games and a new kitchen featuring a stone pizza oven. Drawn by the incoming arena, the burgeoning craft cocktail and beer scene and the farm-to-fork movement’s local strength, San Diego business partners Roy Ledo and Hassan Mahmood will be installing a version of their hit North Park arcade bar, the Coin Op, in that space by late March. Andy Galloway-Long in Comstocks Mag.

VIDEO: Drought and Warm Winter Leads to Some Sweeter Fruit - First the drought and now the warm winter. Farmers in our area are used to adapting to changing climates. The current warm weather could affect the flavor of wine, fruits and veggies, according to local farmers and winemakers. Ali Wolf on FOX 40.

VIDEO: Ultimate Cheesecake for those with a Sweet Tooth - Award-winning cheesecake company, P & B Ultimate Cheesecake stopped by for Mae Fesai to taste test their treats. The company based in El Dorado Hills won California’s Best Cheesecake. The cheesecakes are featured at the Folsom and Land Park Farmers Markets, and can also be delivered. On FOX 40.

VIDEO: Cooking Jambalaya with Keith Breedlove - Bethany Crouch samples Keith’s jambalaya. On FOX 40.


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