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5 Most Memorable Reviews by Former Sac Bee Restaurant Critic Blair Anthony Robertson

Breaking News: Blair Anthony Robertson Out as Sac Bee Restaurant Critic


Blair Anthony Robertson is no longer the Sac Bee's restaurant critic but remains with the newspaper as a food/beer writer, his editor confirmed to Cowtown Eats on Monday evening.

Excerpted from an e-mail to Cowtown Eats from Sac Bee features editor Tim Swanson (who edits their food coverage):

We're in the process of making some changes in coverage/topic areas at The Bee -- not just in features, but across the publication. Blair is still writing about food and beer (among other things), but is no longer reviewing restaurants. We're currently assessing our approach, but remain committed to producing quality food criticism.

I contacted Swanson on Sunday evening after the two last Sunday editions didn't include a restaurant review despite the fact that Robertson appeared to be actively reporting on current food events and not on vacation. In addition, on or before Feb. 18, Robertson changed his twitter bio and removed references to being the Bee's restaurant critic.


Robertson, a sometimes controversial and often provocative writer, had served as the Bee's restaurant critic since late 2008.

There's no word yet on the circumstances of his departure as restaurant critic. His final review was of Studio Movie Grill, published on Sunday, Feb. 15, where he said the food was worse than Applebee's.

His reviews have been called "mean" by former Bee colleague Rick Kushman. Robertson and we have had our differences in the past, but I've found myself agreeing with his recent reviews more often than not.

I wish him the best, and I look forward to reading the Bee's new restaurant critic.

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I liked the fact that he hated things, but this town is only big enough for one pretentious dining douchebag, and it appears I have won.

This guy was a total douche.

Can't wait to see this idiot's career devolve to a twitter noisey handle and another worthless blog that nobody cares about.

Good luck out there Blair!

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