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Much has been written about what behavior can be expected of parents with children in restaurants.

However, as craft breweries become more mainstream and their clientele changes from beer nerds to families, the same types of problems arise.

Last week, the popular Track 7 Brewery, which now has tasting rooms in Curtis Park and Natomas, had to take to Facebook to plead with the vast minority of parents who don't supervise their kids well to be more considerate of others.


One of Track 7’s top priorities is remaining family friendly, and we need your help. We have received several complaints...

Posted by Track 7 Brewing Co. on Friday, March 20, 2015

Predictably, the thread drew much conversation with absolutists on both sides chiming in that people should never bring kids to a place that serves beer, to others that say that kids are kids and should be allowed to run wild. However, most seemed to be reasonable and understand the balance that can be achieved by being a family-friendly place without it being a free for all.

I checked in with Track 7's Becca Scott, who provided a little more detail on what led up to the request and what's happened since. Here's our e-mail Q and A:

1. Was it a specific incident, or is it just a general feeling that the issue needed to be addressed? If a specific incident, can you describe what happened?

There was not a specific incident. We received several complaints from people that there were unsupervised children playing at both taprooms. We want all people to be comfortable, and we want to make sure that both kids and customers are safe. The intent of our post was to just be a friendly reminder.

2. I noticed that this warning was added pretty soon after the Natomas location opened. Is there a difference between behavior at the Track 7 locations in Curtis Park and Natomas? I've been to the Curtis Park location many times and find the kids mostly well behaved.

There is not a difference between the Natomas and Curtis Park locations. Comments about unsupervised children have been made about both locations. Most of our customers supervise their children, and their children are well behaved. We have signs at the taproom regarding supervising children, but some people that visit might not even realize this is expected at a taproom. We thought an informative reminder would help spread the word.

We, the owners, have children, and we bring them to the brewery all the time. A brewery is different than a bar. Most people come to have a pint and talk with friends or play a game with the family. We have food trucks every night, and often times families come to have dinner or snacks. It's important that our taproom remains a gathering place for the community where everyone is welcome.

3. How's the reaction been after the post? Have things gotten better?

It is pretty soon after the post, but we have noticed parents bringing games and toys for their kids to play with while at Track 7. The majority of our customers have done this in the past as well. We have games that people can check out, and we have coloring books and crayons that children can use.

So it seems like their gentle reminder has solved the problem, at least for now.

Track 7 Brewing Company is located at 3747 West Pacific Ave. in Curtis Park and 826 Professor Lane in Natomas. They can also be found online at

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