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Dining News: Quick Update on Ford's Hamburgers Location


Ford's Hamburgers, which closed in September 2012 due to an ADA lawsuit, was slated to become the new home of Shoki Ramen House, reported Sac Foodways in Feb. 2014.

However, with Shoki finding a new home at the former Trails location on 21st, those plans have been shelved.

A close observer and Cowtown Eats reader tipped me off that the restaurant was again under construction. I stopped by on Friday, and one of the construction workers said that the owners of the building are remodeling the restaurant, with the hopes of renting it out.

After I reported this on Twitter Friday afternoon, one food truck operator said they had inquired about a lease, with no success.

Also, a quick update on Shoki. I stopped by their new location on Friday on 21st St, and to the untrained construction eye, the place still looks weeks away from opening with a worker installing venting. A restaurant-industry insider I talked to over the weekend speculated it would be at least another month before it opened.


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