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Dining News: Sloughhouse Inn Under New Ownership


It's official! We have taken ownership of the historic Sloughhouse Inn! We send heartfelt thanks to George and Leah Lee...

Posted by Betsy Hite on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sloughhouse Inn, which served "sub-par food" per a Feb. 2014 review in the Sac Bee, has turned a corner and has new ownership.

Betsy Hite, a chef who owns Elegant and Easy Gourmet Catering, announced her purchase of the business from George and Leah Lee in early April, with Tuesday, April 28 as its opening date. Before opening the catering business, Betsy worked as the Director of Public Affairs for the California Association of Health Facilities, per her Linked In profile.

In other Facebook posts, Betsy says the restaurant will serve "fresh food, locally sourced" with great service.

Recently, Betsy was in the news after being stiffed $18,000 by West Sac's TBD Fest.

If you want to get a flavor for her cooking, she was on KCRA in December to make Smoke Alarm Prime Rib.

Sloughhouse Inn is located at 12700 Meiss Rd in Sloughhouse.

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