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Dining News: Preservation & Co Broken Into, Damages & Losses Top $8,000, Needs Your Help


Local artisan pickler and grocer Preservation & Co. was burglarized earlier this week and lost more than $8,000 in damage and stolen property, it announced in a Facebook Post.

The struggle of a small business is enough without this kind of loss. The pain and anger that I feel now is more than I have had to deal with in the last few years of running my business...

I have no idea if I will be able to get our business open this weekend, which would normally be a big weekend for us before a 3 day weekend.

Read the entire post on Facebook.

But you can help. Preservation & Co is competing to win a small producer grant from Whole Foods in Davis, where 5 percent of the store's sales on June 10 will benefit the winner.

"They took everything that we run our business on, and cash that we made over the weekend. I have no idea what to say, but please help us here. Thank you," wrote Preservation & Co.

The least you could do is to click here to vote for them and help them recover without spending your own money. Or if you're so inclined, next time you see them at a Farmer's Market or pass by their store, buy something and support a local business. But either way, help out a small business in need.

Preservation & Co. is located at 1717 19th St #B (near Safeway), and can be found online at http://www.preservationandco.com/.

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Preservation & Co. won the grant! Folks can shop at any Whole Foods in the Sac/NorCal/Reno area to help fund their piece of the grant. Full disclosure: I work for Whole Foods and I'm just really glad we can help out as they rebuild.

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