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Every city has a local magazine that suggests easy day or weekend trips. We have Sactown Mag and Sac Mag that ably fill that spot locally. But it's always interesting to know what outsiders think are the highlight of your town.

San Francisco magazine recently ran a story on what to do in Sac. Here's some of what they suggested:

Ruhstaller: Celebrated local brewery, Rushtaller (SIC), has a a taproom and beer lab to test out new craft brew recipes downtown (available by appointment) where you can sample their specialty beers and limited releases made from local hops and barley, like their cold-brewed Kenyan coffee-infused ale.

Temple Coffee: The third wave coffee buzz has hit Sacramento hard, with nearly a half-dozen new shrines to caffeine opening over the past few years. If you only hit one, make it Temple Coffee Roasters, the Blue Bottle of the Central Valley.

Grange: A modern restaurant and bar packed with locals (a rarity for hotel restaurants), who come for the dinners that source ingredients from the Sacramento region’s bounty of farms and brave but familiar dishes like ahi tuna with sweet breads and pork served three ways (loin, smoked belly, chicharron) with apricot.

Read the entire story in San Francisco Magazine.

More News:

The Chef's Table buys Rocklin coffee shop - The managing partners of The Chef's Table in Rocklin have purchased a coffee shop next to the restaurant, which they plan to incorporate into their existing business. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Coconuts for the cure: The Alchemist, Liquidology - I have a new addiction and it is the juice at Liquidology in East Sac. The shop is located dangerously close to my work, the juices are smartly packaged and with an arrangement of both mainstay and special seasonal products available, it feels like every time I have the need to juice they've got me creatively covered. Garrett McCord in Sac News & Review.

The Rind - This well-loved cheese bar in midtown is building a side and front patio (pictured below) that will seat about 24 people total. Tori Masucci Cummins & Jessica Rine in Sactown Mag. (Fifth Item.)

Grange's 'Follow the Chef' Lunch Experience - Granted, “Sacramentia” has a more contagious ring to it than Portlandia, but if there were a show that satirized what it means to live in Sacramento, there would definitely be a sketch about Grange Restaurant and Bar’s “Follow the Chef” experience. It’s one of the most Sacramento-y things you can do: follow executive chef Oliver Ridgeway around Wednesday’s Cesar Chavez Plaza Park farmers’ market and sit down to a three-course lunch afterwards. Farm-to-fork dining in its most pure form. Michelle Labi-Klonecke in City Scout Sac.

VIDEO: Learn How To Cook Blue Cheese Bread - Chef Keith Breedlove of Culinerdy Cruzer shows Paul how to whip his famous blue cheese stuffed fry bread. The key is getting the yeast just right. Paul Robins on FOX 40.

VIDEO: Divine Cakes - We're checking out some unique and beautifully designed wedding cakes in Roseville. Kristin Marshall on Good Day Sac Part 1 | Part 2.


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