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Dining News: Best Intersection for Food in Sac


Many try to determine who the best restaurant in Sac is, but with so many top tier restaurants, it'll be hard to come to a consensus.

If you're to believe recent national surveys, however, the best intersection for food is not in dispute. It's the corner of Franklin Blvd. and 3rd Ave. in Oak Park where Pangaea Bier Cafe and Gunther's Ice Cream are located.

An analysis by Business Insider did an analysis with FourSquare to find the best place for ice cream in every state, "taking into account Foursquare users' likes, saves, shares, tip sentiment, and more."

According to their ranking, the best ice cream in the Golden State is found at Sacramento's own Gunther's Ice Cream Shop. Per Business Insider:

CALIFORNIA: Gunther's Quality Ice Cream features a new specialty flavor every month, from eggnog in December to Bailey's Irish Cream in March. The Sacramento shop is also known for its sorbet-like fruit freezes, a combination of icy fruit flavors in a huge cup.

Read the entire story in Business Insider.

But having the best ice cream in the state doesn't mean it's the best intersection for food in Sacramento. Across the street is Pangaea Bier Cafe, which The Daily Meal deemed the 96th Best Burger in America. Per The Daily Meal:

If you like a good beer with your mammoth of a bacon cheeseburger, than Pangaea Bier Cafe is the place for you. With a long list of rotating craft ales — both local and international — you’ll have your pick for creating a great burger and beer combo. Whether you’re into saisons, IPAs, or pilsners, the Pangaea Burger is sure to make a great mate. For this beloved sandwich, an all-Angus beef patty is grilled to your preferred temperature and topped with bacon, Cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomato, and house-made pickles and sauce. The brioche bun is perfectly domed, crispy fries come on the side, and the whole plate is quite a sight to behold.

Read the entire story in The Daily Meal.

Pangaea Bier Cafe and Gunther's Ice Cream can be found at Franklin Blvd. and 3rd Ave.

* Photo via Pangaea's Facebook Page.

More News:

Last call for Downtown Plaza restaurants - Shoppers and movie goers to Downtown Plaza have a lot fewer choices if they get hungry or thirsty during their summer excursions to the Sacramento mall. As construction of the Kings’ new arena kicks into high gear, all food and drink providers in the mall’s west end are in the process of shuttering except the Starbucks. Debbie Arrington in the Sac Bee.

Try it: Café Bernardo's Pancakes - Who doesn’t love pancakes? Warm, fluffy flapjacks can be smothered with butter, drizzled with maple syrup, or both—there’s no wrong way to eat a pancake. Café Bernardo keeps it simple and delicious with their fresh buttermilk pancakes. Barbara Harvey in Sac Mag.

Beer Run: Bike Dog gets bigger - “What I can tell you,” he said, via email, “is that we secured the (building) next to us ... which doubles our footprint and will allow us to modestly expand the tasting room (and have access to two more bathrooms). But more importantly it will allow us the space to install a bigger cooler to support the two new tanks we have on order (50 percent total tank capacity growth). Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee. (Second item.)

Pho Viet: Pho real, pho real - Usually when a restaurant tries to tackle two different regions’ cuisines, that’s a sign that quality isn’t really a big focus. But Pho Viet, located on Auburn Boulevard in Citrus Heights, serves both delicious Chinese and Vietnamese food to families, couples, college students and a surprising number of people stopping in solo for a quick bowl of pho. Jonathan Mendick in Sac News & Review.

Sacratomato Week Celebrates All Things Tomato This July - Midtown’s Sutter District is spreading the tomoato-love this July with the return of Sacratomato Week, a week-long celebration of the the multi-colored, multi-flavored globes of fruit that epitomizes summer. Taking place July 20-25, the 2nd annual Sacratomato Week will give us city dwellers an eating frenzy of one of the Sacramento agriculture region’s signature commodities. Bethany Harris in Sac Press.

Lobster food truck from 'Shark Tank' ready to roll in Sacramento area - After some delays, Cousins Maine Lobster Sacramento is finally a reality. The food truck, once expected to begin business in April, made its first appearance last weekend at Matchbook Wine Co. in Zamora. Its next appearances are scheduled for July 2 and July 4 at Yolo Brewing Co. in West Sacramento. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Apron to Apron: An Interview with Syl Mislang of The Roaming Spoon - If you are craving to discover a unique date-night activity in Sacramento, start looking out for the pop-up dining experience that is The Roaming Spoon.  Created by culinary engineer, Syl Mislang, The Roaming Spoon is an exclusive experience for foodies that transforms some of your favorite Sacramento spots like Shine Sacramento and Orphan into intimate dinner experiences. Mary McCune in Girls on the Grid.

Yeti Restaurant: Nepali and Indian; Well Worth the Drive—and the Bike Ride! - On a recent trip to Davis, I spent a long, hot day biking on the cozy college town’s lovely path. At the end of it, tired and hungry, I visited a local gem: The Yeti Restaurant. There are few outdoor patios better in Davis, and not many establishments offering both authentic Nepali and Indian cuisine! Peter Bittner in Sac Foodies.

VIDEO: IHOP Summer Stacks - Just when you think they have done it all, IHOP is rolling out some new pancakes. Courtney Dempsey on Good Day Sac Part 1 | Part 2.

VIDEO: Local Chef Brings Polynesian Food To The Studio - Chef Cynthia Ala owner of Sapatu Polynesian Food joins Mae in the studio to whip up some Polynesian cuisine. Mae and Darren try octopus, mahi mahi fish, and pineapple moon pie. On FOX 40.


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