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Dining News: No Really. Go to Have an Offal Day on Sunday.


One of my favorite things about Sacramento's food scene is the accessibility of all the chefs, brewers and other movers and shakers.

I've run into Randall Selland at the Sunday's farmers market. I chatted with Dave Gull of New Helvetia at a fundraiser for Fairytale Town. I've said hello to Billy Ngo at an event for the Sacramento Zoo.

Before I come up to them, they have no idea who I am, but they're more than happy to spend a minute to say hi and answer any questions I might have.

Another one of these events where you can meet some of Sacramento's best chefs and eat great food not available in their restaurants is this Sunday's Have an Offal Day event.

I went to the first one and was blown away by the variety and quality of food. (For those of you who aren't familiar, offal generally refers to the "other," less popular parts of an animal, including feet, organs, tongue, ears, etc.) You have to be adventurous, but you're not forced to eat anything.

Here's the all star cast of chefs participating in this year's event:

  • Carina Lampkin (Blackbird Kitchen & Beer Gallery)
  • Danny Origel (Roxy Restaurant)
  • Tyler Bond (Dirty Feet Dining, Kru)
  • Keith Breedlove (Culinerdy Cruzer, Food Network contestant)
  • Hank Shaw (well known blogger, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)
  • Patrick Mulvaney (Mulvaney's B&L)
  • Brian Mizner (Hook & Ladder)
  • Brenda Ruiz (Biba's)
  • Brock MacDonald (Block Butcher Bar)
  • Wes Nilssen (de Vere's Pubs)
  • Don Dickonson (Yang's Noodles and instructor at IOT Culinary School)
  • Andrea Reiter (Capital Dime, soon The Patriot)

If you end up going, my advice is to eat it and then find out what it is. None of it will hurt you, but I can guarantee that most of it will be delicious.

I also spotted on Twitter today that there's a code to save $10 $5, via Hank Shaw, one of the participating chefs.

You can buy tickets here.

Want to learn more? Listen to Catherine Enfield's interview with Kitty O'Neal on KFBK.

Have an Offal Day will be held at Mulvaney's Next Door (1215 19th St.) from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 16.

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