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Dining News: Gov. Brown Signs Bill Legalizing Drinking on Brew Bikes

Gov. Jerry Brown announced the signing of SB 530 by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) on Sunday evening, which will legalize drinking on brew buses like Off the Chain and Sac Brew Bike starting Jan. 1, as long as the city permits it.

Here's specifically what the new law allows, per a recent state Senate analysis:

Provides that if a city allows alcohol to be consumed on board, the operator shall also provide an on-board adult safety monitor and both the driver and safety monitor must have completed the Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs program implemented by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The bill faced little opposition in the legislature and was passed unanimously in both houses, with nine members either absent or abstaining.

After the bill was signed, Gov. Brown took a ride on an Off the Chain brew bike.

Not everybody is enamored with the Brew Bikes' popularity. In early Sept, FOX 40 reported that a graffiti artist has been painting the words "Idiot Mobile" around midtown with a picture of a brew bike.

Despite the relatively isolated opposition (though I suspect many of us may have been annoyed momentarily when stuck behind a brew bus on the streets), there's no sign that the brew bikes are going anywhere.

Over the weekend, Sac Brew Bus opened its first brick and mortar location, Sac Brew Bar.

So should the city of Sacramento allow it, what's the first beer that'll be served on a brew bus? Off the Chain says it'll start serving West Sac's Bike Dog Brewing Company.

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