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Dining News: Joe Marty's to Reopen in December

Dining News: Save $5 at Federalist, Hot Italian or Pizza Rock via Caviar This Month


It's National Pizza Month, and in honor of that, the food delivery app Caviar is trying to help you save a few bucks while enjoying a pie.

Order from local pizzerias Federalist, Hot Italian or Pizza Rock and save $5 off any purchase of $15 or more by using the code SACSLICE5.

I used the Caviar app for the first time on Friday evening and ordered a pizza from Hot Italian at about 6:33 p.m. and it arrived at my house at 7:12 p.m. The pizza was still piping hot, and I loved it. (I loved it even more since Hot Italian gave away free pizzas with the purchase of a pizza last week.)


You can download the Caviar app at http://www.trycaviar.com/sacramento. (Disclosure: I get a few bucks in free Caviar credit if you click on that link.)

SlicedSeparately, Sacramento is in the midst of Sliced, where a loose confederation of pizza places have all decided to get together to offer pizza specials or host pizza events from Oct. 17 through Oct. 25. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a good Web site or Facebook page that lists all their events so I can't do a thorough post on it.

There's a partial list on Facebook if you want to check that out. Here are also a couple media hits the organizers have received:

AUDIO: Restaurants like the Federalist Come Together to Celebrate the Best Pizza in Sacramento - A special week for the Sacramento food scene begins Saturday. "Sliced: A Celebration of All Things Pizza" is a week dedicated to celebrating the best pizza in Sacramento, with nightly specials, chef competitions, instructional courses and even a Sac Brew Bike tour. Marvin Maldonado and Liza Madigan from Federalist Public House in Midtown are here in the studio with us for our Friday Food segment. Kitty O'Neal on KFBK.

VIDEO: Pizza Week in Sacramento - Sliced Pizza Week is October 17-25 and Gary is out getting all of the details. Local pizzerias -- Federalist Public House & Beer Garden, Hot Italian, Masullo, Chicago Fire, Buffalo Pizza, Urbano and more -- will be celebrating and demonstrating their craft for all to enjoy. There will be nightly specials, chef competitions, instructional courses and one crazy bike tour with Sacbrewbike for the first 60 people who sign up. Details for the Pizza Crawl can be found at slicedpizzacrawl.eventbrite.com. Gary Gelfand on FOX 40.

Guide to Sliced - This is the first annual SLICED: A Celebration of All Things Pizza, so this week think not of present-day you. Think of future you. The you who’s going to have to explain to your future grandchildren why you don’t know what it was like during the first ever SLICED in Sacramento. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t do that to posterity. Instead, help make history by hitting the open road in search of wood-fired, deep-dish, by the slice and thin-crust delights. Before you don your half-shell, though, pizza please peruse our extra cheesy guide. Cowabunga! Michelle Labi-Klonecke on City Scouts Mag.

VIDEO: Sacramento celebrates all things pizza - From October 17th – 25th, local pizzerias will be celebrating and demonstrating their craft for all to enjoy. From nightly specials, to chef competitions, instructional courses and even a bike pizza tour, featuring Ed Roehr of Magpie Cafe. On KCRA.

More News:

Sacramento Reverse Food Truck - Thanks to fan favorites like Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen and Bacon Mania, our waistlines are now intimately familiar with the concept of food trucks. But have you ever heard of a reverse food truck? Essentially, reverse food trucks collect quality food from local farmers markets and donate/deliver the food to local hunger relief organizations. Sacramento is now home to one, aptly named: Sacramento Reverse Food Truck. Laura Braden on Girls on the Grid.

Restaurant food-delivery service Caviar opens in Sacramento - Another restaurant food-delivery service launched Tuesday in Sacramento. San Francisco-based Caviar bills itself as an easy way to order from popular independent restaurants in Sacramento, and it says it delivers restaurant-prepared dishes in the way local chefs intend them to be served. Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

10 must-try meatless dishes in Greater Sacramento - After so much animal protein, an omnivore’s thoughts turn to alternatives – to those vegetarian dishes that stand out despite all the meatiness around them. Some I discovered while reviewing restaurants. Others sit on a longtime personal list of go-to vegetarian items. Others I sought out specifically for this roundup of 10 dishes, on the recommendations of vegetarians. Carla Meyer in the Sac Bee.


VIDEO: Grape Escape to Return Thanks to New Legislation - When it came time for wineries to sign up again, many were scared off, unwilling to take the risk of possibly losing their liquor license. That will change in January, when Cooper's AB776 takes effect. The bill allows alcohol retailers and manufacturers to promote and advertise for non-profit events. Kimberly Mcdougall on FOX 40.


VIDEO: Dunkin' Donuts fans pack new Roseville location - Dunkin’ Donuts is the new craze in Roseville and fans lined up early Tuesday morning to get a taste of this east coast favorite. Brian Hickey on KCRA.

VIDEO: Catering Theft Truck Deals Big Blow To North Auburn Barbecue's Catering Business - In all, $60,000 worth of equipment was packed into the 14-foot trailer parked behind his restaurant on Highway 49 in North Auburn. On CBS 13.



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