Dining News: B-Side, replacing Monte Carlo, to Open This Week
Dining News: Now Open - TableVine, Replacing Bistro Michel

Dining News: La Bou at 11th & L Closed Temporarily Last Week by Health Department


The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department, which inspects and regulates the health standards at restaurants, ordered one of La Bou's Downtown locations closed last week due to "vermin and animal contamination."

The restaurant, located at 1122 11th St. failed its inspection on Monday, Nov. 23 and reopened the next day after eradicating the infestation and passing a second inspection.

This happens more than you think, even at good restaurants. Unfortunately, restaurants often aren't the building owners and little gaps may allow roaches to enter the kitchen. The responsible ones, like La Bou, get the problem fixed in a day. Recently, Goldfield was closed due to a similar infestation, Cafe Bernardo at 10th & K was closed by the health department in July and even beloved chef Daniel Pont had La Bonne Soupe Cafe closed due to a pest problem.

Even though I knew the restaurant had faced an infestation recently, I ate at La Bou earlier this week (though they've recently raised the price of my go to meal there - the large Chinese chicken salad - to $8).

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