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Dining News: RIP Mighty Tavern, Closing on Saturday

Dining News: RIP Wicked West Pizza's Jefferson Location


Wicked West Pizza and BBQ, a neighborhood favorite with positive reviews, closed its location on Jefferson Blvd. in West Sac just before Thanksgiving.

Their newer location at the Ikea shopping center in West Sac remains opening.

In a Facebook post, the owners said the Jefferson location wasn't enough business to sustain that space.

Despite the unwavering support of so many, our resources were nonetheless underutilized at this location. We are hoping all of you will come visit us at our Ikea location to help give this new venture a healthy start. We’ve listened to your comments and are trying our hardest to refine our new location into a place you’ll love.

Here's what Sac Mag said about the pizza joint back in August 2012:

This lively spot offers an arcade for the younger members of the family; and parents will be thrilled with the menu, which is built upon organic, locally-sourced ingredients. The briskly-selling barbecued items (from hand-pulled pork and beef tri-tip to roasted chicken) are all hickory-smoked on the premises; and the pizzas feature some fun and interesting combinations.

Wicked West Pizza & BBQ's Ikea location, which opened April 2015, is located at 771 Ikea Ct. and can be found online at http://www.wickedwestpizza.com/.

* Photo via their Facebook page.

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