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Dining News: Culinerdy Cruzer Launches Kickstarter For Brick & Mortar Location

Food truck The Culinerdy Cruzer, run by Keith Breedlove, is asking its fans, a.k.a. the Nerd Herd, to pitch in so they can open a brick and mortar restaurant, The Culinerdy Kitchen.

Breedlove, who makes frequent appearances on local morning TV and Food Network shows such as Cutthroat Kitchen, Guys Grocery Games, Man vs Child, etc., is asking for $20,000 and is more than 40 percent on the way to his goal, with 14 days left.

He Facebooked recently that he has found a restaurant location that he's "in love with" in Elk Grove, but now needs a little more financial help.

Here's part of their Kickstarter pitch:

For three years the husband and wife team of Keith and Amy Breedlove have fought adversity, roadblocks and haters to become the most respected and trusted Mobile Kitchen in the greater Sacramento area. Their customer service skills and intense culinary prowess have led to more happy brides and full bellies than can be counted.

Having opened over 30 restaurants between the two of them, they have the experience and support to make this venture a shining success.

More than just an eatery, the Culinerdy Kitchen will offer: Cooking classes, Special Event Dinners, and so much more.

If you love the mobile, wait until you see what the fixed location brings!!

In addition to the numerous TV appearances, Breedlove served as the State Fair's official chef in 2015.

Click here to learn more, and if you're so inclined, to contribute.

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