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Dining News: 'Magpie Visits Revealed Remarkably High Consistency in Food Quality'


With Magpie Cafe's move to a new and larger space over the summer, is it still as good? Sac Bee dining critic Carla Meyer gives her two cents:

Magpie visits revealed remarkably high consistency in food quality and comfortable places to sit in a space I initially found too austere...

One can and should order the excellent burger, which is new to this location and already has evolved since the summer. The first burger was bigger, had cheese and was becoming too unwieldy to make for a place that’s not a dedicated burger joint, Roehr said. Diners often wanted to customize, creating 10 different experiences for every 10 burgers.

Magpie now offers one burger experience, which involves a house-baked brioche bun with a dark patch atop it courtesy of a grill flipover. The Niman chuck patty is cooked just past medium, so the salt and char tastes come through prominently. Brightened by mustard aioli and house dill and bread and butter pickles, and then peppered by arugula, this burger’s missing nothing, even with no cheese.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

I've had several meals in their new space - including the aforementioned burger at a recent lunch - and all of my experiences have been delightful.


Magpie Cafe is located at 1601 16th Street, and can be found online at http://www.magpiecafe.com/.

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