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Downtown's Takumi Izakaya to Open Mid-April


Takumi Izakaya, replacing Sushi Paradiso at 826 J St., is aiming for a mid-April opening, Cowtown Eats learned on Monday afternoon.

The new restaurant will feature Binchotan, a traditional Japanese white charcoal known for its high heat, long burning times and low smoke output, making it ideal for indoor cooking.

The owners plan to replace Sushi Paradiso's long sushi bars with grills.

While construction is underway, a quick peek inside revealed that much work remains. While I hope they hit their mid-April goal, I can see this taking a little extra time to get ready.

Takumi, which means "artisan" in Japanese, is the third restaurant for the ownership group. They also own the well regarded Bonzai Sushi in Sacramento's Greenhaven neighborhood and Banzai Japanese Kitchen in Davis, serving ramen, bento boxes, yakitori and poke bowls.

This is the second restaurant featuring Binchotan on The Grid. The soon-to-open Binchoyaki Izakaya at 2226 10th St. (former spot of Doughbot) will also feature yakitori. I drive by that spot daily and they're very close to opening.

Readers that need to fill their yakitori cravings before these two restaurants can drive across the causeway to Yakitori Yuchan in Davis. I went several weeks ago with the in-laws and it was a unique but accessible dining experience for adventurous eaters. Pro Tip: UC Davis is on spring break this week. Go before the horde of students return.

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