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Daily Dining News: 'Awe-inspiring pies' at Masullo in Land Park


Sacramento has its share of terrific Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza. Hot Italian, One Speed and Pizza Rock are all excellent, but Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson may have just found the best artisan thin crust pizza in Sacramento.

One night a few years back, everything seemed perfect – the dough looked and felt perfect, the timing of the orders was perfect, the vibe in the room was just so – and Masullo knew he was making pizza at its highest level. He wrote on the Masullo Facebook page, "See Naples and die." Translation: It doesn't get any better than this.

That's not hype or braggadocio. We dropped by on several occasions recently to work our way through the assortment of pizzas on the menu, some with sauce, some without. We came away with a simple answer to explain this kind of greatness: Though there is certainly magic, there are no tricks.

At Masullo, it is all about time-honored techniques, old-fashioned values, quality ingredients, attention to detail, high standards and hard work.

The pizzas were so good, the flavors and textures so enthralling – from the crust to the sauce to the little cubes of premium bacon or the medallions of spicy sausage – I can recall the experience weeks later as if I had just polished off a slice moments ago.

I LOVE Masullo. I live in the neighborhood, and it's a real luxury to be able to grab a great pizza for a casual dinner. They also employ my favorite waiter in Sacramento - Andrea. His enthusiam, Italian accent and excellent service really make every meal at Masullo a special experience.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

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