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Dining News: Coast to Coast Sandwiches Replaces Drewski's at Republic


After opening a new location at McClean, Drewski's has decided to stop serving food at Republic, reports Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Andrew Blaskovich says the satellite version of his Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen will end at Republic by Sept. 1. Blaskovich plans to use his upcoming McClellan Park location, which he expects to open in two weeks, as the hub of his operations which includes two food trucks and a recently opened cafe in Folsom.

"Basically, I outgrew the place," said Blaskovich about Republic. "The kitchen was too small for the overall volume of I'm dealing with. Besides, I couldn't park my trucks there and it costs me $1,300 a month for a commissary. Having my own facility saves me $1,300 out the gate and I have ample storage."

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

Macias also reports that Coast to Coast Sandwiches will replace Drewski's as the food vendor at Republic under the name of Capitol Burger Kitchen.

Another mobile food vendor is already in line to take over Republic's food program. The team behind the Coast to Coast Sandwiches food truck, which also operates the kitchen at midtown's Pour House, will begin running Republic's kitchen starting Sept. 4.

Instead of branding Republic's food program under the Coast to Coast Sandwiches banner, the team of Robert Ramos  and Sean Figueroa will introduce a new business called Capitol Burger Kitchen. As the name states, burgers will be the focus here along with other hearty foods that pair well in a sports bar setting.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Temple Coffee makes list of country's best roasters - Congratulations to Temple Coffee on being named one of the best roasters in the U.S. by national food website The Daily Meal. It's the latest kudos for Temple -- and for Sacramento's coffee scene, which continues to flourish. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Feeling Daring? Have an Offal Evening with Local Chefs - Adventurous diners will enjoy a unique event offered on Sunday, August 18th. “Have an Offal Day!,” which takes place from 2pm to 5pm at midtown’s Mulvaney's Next Door, celebrates “all those ‘other’ parts” of the animals we love to eat: including organs, feet, tongues, ears, skin and more. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

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Daily Dining News: Food Trucks Owners Opening Restaurants


Despite all the legal restrictions on when and where food trucks can operate, mobile food vendors have been able to flourish. Some of the more popular trucks have been able to open brick and mortar restaurants.

Conversly, some restaurants have seen the success these trucks have had and are rushing to open their own food trucks. Chris Macias of the Sac Bee takes a look at trend.

These folks are instead being served at Republic Bar & Grill, a downtown sports bar that's become the brick-and-mortar home for Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen.

A fleet of other local food trucks has joined this trend. KrushBurger plans to open a restaurant north of downtown in December, and Wicked Wich serves its food at the recently opened Broderick Restaurant & Bar. Coast to Coast Sandwiches operates the food program at midtown's Pour House, while Mama Kim Eats opened its own restaurant on Del Paso Boulevard at the former Supper Club.

On the flip side, established local restaurants have jumped into the food truck business, including Willie's Burgers and Squeeze Inn. Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar plans to launch its own food truck next year.

For Andrew Blaskovich, owner of Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen, operating out of a brick-and-mortar space offers much-desired stability. While Sacramento mobile food vendors are currently limited to 30-minute vending times at a single location, and are often forced to move numerous times a day, there's no cat-and-mouse game for reaching customers via Republic.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Truck crashes into East Sac cafe, sparks devastating fire - A Sacramento cafe was destroyed by a fire that firefighters say started when a truck drove through the front of the building Monday morning. Sacramento firefighters on scene said they believe the truck smashed through the front of the Cobblestone Cafe on the 900 block of University Avenue shortly before 2:30 a.m. on Monday. Paul Jones on News 10.

Dining review: Healthful and flavorful at Folsom Palace - Recently, I enjoyed a respite from those health woes when I settled in to explore the offerings at a new and promising Asian fusion restaurant in Folsom, nestled in a strip mall next to a cupcake shop. Folsom Palace approaches Old World dishes with 21st century ideals, among them the notion that restaurant food need not come with a warning from the surgeon general. There's no MSG. They use less oil and salt in the cooking. The ingredients are fresh. The flavors are clean and true and often vibrant. Beyond that, the restaurant surprised us with its wine and beer list, offering several options for pairing our food with adult beverages. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

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Daily Dining News: More Reviews for Pour House


Earlier this month, Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson said he loved the bar program at Pour House, but found that its food still needed to find its footing. Now, Sac Mag's Cathy Cassinos-Carr gives her two cents.

Pour House, the new bar and eatery at 19th and Q in midtown (formerly the site of Whiskey Wild), just might have what it takes. Starting with an interior warmed by weathered wood, exposed brick and stunning Edison lights, Pour House is a come-one, come-all type of establishment that strives to please nearly everyone...

The kitchen at Pour House is operated by Coast to Coast Sandwiches, which draws largely from its food truck lineup of comfort foods. My pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries were pleasing enough, but the straightforward fare (salads, sandwiches, burgers), while tasty, doesn’t match up to the ambitious libations quite as well as it could. I have high hopes that Coast to Coast will feel freer to experiment over time to bring diners something unexpected.

Sounds like the verdict is pretty unanimous. I've talked to the guys who run Coast to Coast Sandwiches a few times, and I have confidence that they'll be able to turn their good food into great food.

Read the entire review in Sac Mag.

More News:

Trucktoberfest: SactoMoFo food festival Sept. 29 in West Sacramento - Twenty food trucks are scheduled to set up at West Sacramento's River Walk Park on Saturday for SactoMoFo's Trucktoberfest mobile food fair. The event is a gathering of food trucks accompanied by live music from local bands and beer, and it serves to celebrate West Sacramento's 25th anniversary. Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

40 More Reasons to Dine Out - As if we foodies needed more excuses to dine out – well, we’ve now got 40 reasons during Sacramento’s Regional Restaurant Week when 40 of the region’s best restaurants celebrate dining out. For the first two weeks in October, from the 1st to the 14th, participating restaurants will be serving special price-fixed, three-course dinners ranging in price from $15, $30 and $40. Vanessa Smith on Sac Foodies.

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Daily Dining News: Sactomofo 5 Lineup Announced

SactoMoFo, the very popular mobile food truck event, has announced the lineup for its fifth iteration taking place on Saturday, July 21 at Sixth and X streets, reports Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Sacramento area vendors:

Krush Burger
Squeeze Inn
Simply Southern BBQ
Smoothie Patrol
Addison's Originals
Miz Shirley's
Fat Face
Star Ginger
Leila's Lumpia
Coast to Coast
Chando's Tacos
Lil Rich's Shaved Ice
Emma's Tamales
Willie's Burgers
Addy's Paella
Whole Foods Market
Gizmo's Rolling Video Games

Bay area and No Cal vendors:

The Chairman
Koja Kitchen
Seoul on Wheels
El Porteno
Hapa SF
Curbside Cuisine
Curry Up Now
Red Truck

I'm not sure if I'm going to food truck festival. I like food as much as the next guy, but there's no banh mi or taco worth waiting 45 minutes for. Maybe I'll be smarter this time and go after the lunch rush, but before the dinner rush and hope they still have food.

Read his entire post in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Wondering about the Food Trucks Lately? An Update - Over the year we have had quite a few meetings with the City of Sacramento, restaurants, the CA Restaurant Association, truck owners, SactoMoFo, and myself. Over the course of discussions (both privately between a few parties and also the bigger, all inclusive meetings) it became clear that there was a difference of opinion from the trucks. It pretty much broke into two factions. Some trucks didn't agree with how SactoMoFo was approaching ordinance discussions, talking lawsuits, and how they were conducting their events. These trucks decided to break off and finally create that truck association. They created it under the name NorCal Food Trucks. Catherine Enfield on Ms. Munchie.

Try It: Bangkok Garden in Natomas - Thai restaurants abound in the Sacramento region, and many of them serve up some very tasty and distinctive fare. But one of my favorite spots is Bangkok Garden in Natomas, whose cozy, wood-paneled walls and tasteful, intricately decorated interior sets the stage for the kitchen’s scrumptious menu items. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

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Daily Dining News: Chando's Tacos Second Location Opens Tomorrow

Chando's Tacos, the beloved taco-stand-cum-foodie destination, is adding a second location on Power Inn, near the original Squeeze Inn location.

To celebrate their grand opening, they'll be featuring $1 beer, $1 tacos, free soda and there will be a raffle where iPods and a 50 guest catering via their new food truck. They'll also have a bounce house to entertain the kids while you down your $1 beer. The party starts at 12 noon and ends at 5 p.m.

Music will be provided Chando's band - Authenticos de Sacramento - as well as HLM and DJ Latino.

The new Chando's Tacos location is at 9665 5665 Power Inn Road in Sacramento.

More News: 

From Food Trucks, Deals on Wheels - These hardworking entrepreneurs are fighting to stay alive in Sacramento, where a city ordinance limits food trucks’ hours and requires them to move frequently. Still, they press on, serving our community lovingly prepared food with a smile. Let’s eat! Featuring Coast to Coast Sandwiches, El Matabor Mobile Mex, Fuzion Eatz, Mama Kim on the Go and Wicked 'Wich. Cathy Cassinos-Carr in Sac Mag.

In the Words of a Foie Gras Farmer: An interview with Guillermo Gonzalez of Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras - Amongst all of the current discussion surrounding California’s apparent imminent ban on Foie Gras, what seems to have gotten lost is the fact that there is a family and its business involved.  Owned and operated by Guillermo Gonzalez and his family, our state’s only foie gras farm, Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras, has been operating quietly and producing some of the world’s finest fattened duck livers for almost 27 years. Ryan Maxey on SF Gate.

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Cowtown Eats Exclusive: Coast to Coast Sandwiches to Partner with Pour House

Coast to Coast Sandwiches is adding a brick and mortar location and will run the kitchen at Pour House, a new bar at Q and 20th Streets, Cowtown Eats has learned.

The trend was initiated by Drewski's partnering with Republic Bar & Grill. Then, Krush Burger (formerly Mini Burger Truck) announced that they're adding a brick and mortar restaurant soon. Coast to Coast makes three.

According to the Sac Biz Journal, Pour House is run by Trevor Shults, one of the owners of Barwest, and Bob Simpson, who runs Social Nightclub and Republic.

“Trevor Shultz contacted us to run the kitchen at the Pour House. We sat down a couple months ago and discussed what we were doing there and thought [Pour House] would marry really well with our food concept," said Robert Ramos, one of the co-founders of Coast to Coast Sandwiches in an interview with Cowtown Eats. “There’s going to be the same sandwiches that we carry in the truck, but a much expanded menu.”

The menu will include bar bites, burgers, a couple more sandwiches that haven’t seen before and BBQ favorites from across the country. They plan on doing their BBQ in house, including a Carolina pulled pork sandwich. Food items on the expanded restaurant menu are expected to make it onto the food truck as specials, said Ramos.

While the price point may vary, the value offered by the food will remain the same. Ramos expects lunches served at Pour House to be in the same neighborhood as the food truck, while dinners will be more expensive given that larger portions will be served.

The expansion of the food truck will mean the addition of 15 to 20 staffers who will be cross trained to work at both the restaurant and the food truck. The server at Pour House one day may be the person taking your order at the food truck the next.

One of the features of Pour House will be taps installed at the tables, where patrons can pay for and pour their own draft beer right at the table.

While there's no set launch date, Pour House is expected to open in early July.

You can follow Coast to Coast Sandwiches on Facebook and Twitter and Pour House on Facebook and Twitter.

More News:

Java City on Capitol Avenue closes - Sacramento's longtime coffee staple Java City is closing its doors today at 1800 Capitol Ave. Instead of pouring coffee at café locations, the company will focus on its wholesale product, according to Craig Hettrich, Java City CEO. Paesanos, Java City's next-door neighbor, will take over the location with another "casual dining concept," said Koren Beard, Paesanos general manager. Andrea Gallo in the Sac Bee. Mark Anderson in the Sac Biz Journal. Full Facebook Announcement.

Deep Fried What? California State Fair Announces 2012 Menu Items - Among the new items being offered this year are a 24-ounce steak on a cow’s rib, a pork chop on a stick and deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese. Those wanting something sweet can chow down on beignets, chocolate-covered wine grapes, caramel-apple or peanut butter and jelly sundaes, deep-fried cinnamon rolls, deep-fried red velvet cake with frosting, or sorbetto-filled fruit. Chocolate-covered bacon, deep fried cheese curds, a brick of curly fries and Merlino’s Freeze will all still be for sale, among other fair favorites and drinks. Sam Cohen on Fox 40.

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Daily Dining News: Whose Food Truck Cuisine Reigns Supreme?


Over the weekend, food trucks Heavenly Dog, Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen, Coast to Coast Sandwiches, Fusion Eatz, Willie's Burgers and Wicked 'Wich all competed in the Capitol  Concours d'Elegance, a high end car show on Capitol mall. They all did it for charity, with the Shriner's Hospital and California Automobile Museum benefiting from the event.

The judges included the Sac Bee's Allen Pierleoni Chris Macias, Bernice Hagen, formerly with Sac Mag's Dining Divas, Catherine Enfield of Munchie Musings and Rodney Blackwell of Burger Junkies. (I was contacted to be a judge, but couldn't do it due to scheduling reasons.)

The Sac Bee has the details:

After a couple of hours of tasting, scoring and discussion (yes, all the french fries and tater tots were great), the judges ranked the top three, which were separated by only a few points.

  • No. 1 was Drewski's for its heavy-duty Mustang sandwich - braised Korean-style shortrib, homemade kimchi, shredded daikon radish, Sriracha-wasabi aioli, and Swiss and havarti cheeses on grilled nine-grain wheat bread.
  • No. 2 was Heavenly Dog for its Three Alarm Dog - bacon-wrapped hot link, house-made habanero pepper aioli, grilled onion and melted peppered jack cheese ona grilled bun.
  • No. 3 was Coast to Coast for its Catfish Po' Boy - crunchy cornmeal-crusted catfish, spicy aioli, lettuce, tomato, pickle chips and, as one judge put it, "outrageously good sweet potato fries" with house-made hot ketchup and hot sauce.

Read the entire post in the Sac Bee.

I've been to most of the food trucks and I've enjoyed every single meal. Last weekend, I had a great dinner from Fuzion Eatz while they were parked outside Track 7 Brewery. Since they started, Fuzion Eatz has really improved their offerings. I'm looking forward to trying them again.

More News:

Bike-based ice cream business 'pops' up - Rachel Sprinkle-Strong might just have the perfect name for her bicycle-based ice cream business, Popcycle Creamery. The 44-year-old Sacramentan recently bought a bicycle from a specialty shop in Portland, which has a freezer mounted on the front, which can hold enough of her artisinal ice cream to fit in more than 200 push-pop containers, and she’s already been hitting local events. Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

Toby Keith's bar opening date set - It’s finally happening. No, Sacramento’s not getting a downtown arena. But to some eager fans, this news might be as good: Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill in Folsom is scheduled to open next week. The owners of the country music venue and restaurant have notified the managers of Palladio at Broadstone that they’re shooting for a June 15 opening, said Gloria Wright, Palladio general manager. Kelly Johnson in Sac Biz Journal.

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