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Dining News: Iron Grill Gets Better With Age, Seasoning


Like a cast iron grill that's been properly cared for, Iron Grill (formerly known as Iron Steaks) across from Target on Broadway has hit its stride, says Sac Bee food critic Blair Anthony Robertson.

Slowly but surely, this eatery – stylish and casual – continues to improve...

Led by executive chef Keith Swiryn, the kitchen handled everything we ordered with aplomb, including a rib-eye special with blue cheese; surf and turf featuring wonderful lobster; crisp, golden-brown fried chicken; flavor-packed jambalaya with prawns, andouille sausage and free-range chicken; a simple yet stunningly delectable tempura green bean appetizer; and a thick and juicy “Battle Burger” topped with a slab of tender pork belly.

Even its wedge salad, a steakhouse staple that’s often awash in watery blandness, was a wonderful little dish, complete with thick and delicious cubes of house-cured bacon.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

You can also read Robertson's 2010 review of Iron Steaks here.

Iron Grill is on my way home from work, and I stop by occasionally for happy hour (which I've found pleasant). I've also enjoyed brunch and dinners there in the past, and will have to add this to the list of places to try again soon.

BTW: If you're looking to save a few bucks while trying out Iron Grill, they have a deal over at Living Social.

Iron Grill is located at Broadway and 13th St, and can be found online at

* Photo via Iron Grill's Facebook Page.

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Living Legend: Frank Fat's Celebrates 75th Anniversary & Looks Toward the Future - The block of 8th and L, and downtown in general, has changed immensely over the decades. Businesses have come and gone, people have aged and moved and buildings have been torn down and rebuilt. Frank Fat’s restaurant, however, is a rare exception that has remained a piece of Sacramento history and mastered the changing tides of Downtown Sacramento for 75 years. Alia Cruz in Submerge Mag.

Firehouse Subs opening more Sacramento-area restaurants - Firehouse Subs plans to open restaurants in Roseville and Davis early next year. The company says it will likely open two other restaurants in undisclosed locations by the end of 2015. With all those sites, Firehouse Subs will have six restaurants in the Sacramento area. The sandwich shop entered the region in January with a Truxel Road location. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Wing Zone plans to enter Sacramento region - Wing Zone plans to open 10 to 15 locations in the Sacramento region over the next five years, according to Matt Friedman, the company's co-founder and CEO. The restaurant currently has no California locations. Friedman called Sacramento his "first choice in developing our first units in California." Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Hot, hot buns - Having just celebrated its five-year anniversary, the bakery seems to have picked up huge swarms of similar addicts over the years. On a recent Saturday, the pastry spot was abuzz with customers trying to get some of the shop's most popular doughnut-esque pastries. And for good reason: The cream-cheese-filled pastries I sampled were like a slice of heaven for a Chinese Jew such as myself. Jonathan Mendick in Sac News & Review.

Cold-pressed juice movement draws Sacramento health-seekers - The premise is simple: Plants naturally contain enzymes and nutrients that promote health in the human body. Cold-press advocates – if not all nutritionists – believe these “living” ingredients are regularly killed by the harsh pasteurizing and processing of the modern Western diet. Even putting vegetables through your home juicer, they say, will rob them of some of their nutrient load. Sammy Caiola in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Chicago Bears Star Lance Briggs to Open Smokehouse in Elk Grove

Double nickle

Elk Grove native and Chicago Bears star linebacker Lance Briggs will open (or at least lend his name to) smokehouse Double Nickle on Sept. 1.

The restaurant will be located inside the Elk Grove Sports Center at 3443 Laguna Blvd., according to a job listing on Craigslist.

Googling the Elk Grove Sports Center's address reveals that Smokehouse Double Nickle will share a building with Pins N Strikes, Surf Xtreme and California Family Fitness.

The only link available on the restaurant's Web site is for an employment application with Bella James, LLC. One of the officers of the Bella James LLC is Cameron Lee, whose Linked In profile says he's the general manager for Pin's N Strikes. It is not immediately clear if Lee left Pin's N Strikes to open the restaurant, or if the ventures are related.

Briggs was born in Elk Grove and attended Elk Grove High School, per He went on to attend the University of Arizona and was drafted by the Chicago Bars in 2003, where he is set to start his 12th season in several weeks. He was also named to the Pro Bowl seven straight times. He also apparently cooks a mean blackened salmon.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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Davis Beer Week events on tap starting Monday - Once again, Davis bars and restaurants will spend seven days celebrating the area’s growing craft beer culture. The second annual Davis Beer Week begins Monday, Aug. 11, and more and more sudsy events are being added to the calendar daily. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

Davis Beer Week has lots of activities on tap - Presented by de Vere’s Irish Pub in Davis and Sudwerk Restaurant & Brewery, the citywide event aims to promote beer tourism and highlight businesses that emphasize craft brewing. Davis Beer Week is in its second year. Guests can expect a variety of events at venues throughout the week, including beer and cheese pairings. The action culminates with a Bike & Brew Fest in Central Park on Aug. 16. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Kick-off for farm-to-fork events aimed at restaurant professionals on Monday - Sponsored by General Produce, the event begins at 9 a.m. with networking, followed by a panel discussion at 10 a.m. featuring representatives from local restaurants, farms and agriculture. Incoming California Restaurant Association Sacramento president Chris Jarosz of Broderick Roadhouse and Capital Dime will give an introductory talk at 9:30 a.m. Ben van der Meer in Sac Biz Journal.

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Dining News: Crawdads to Reopen on March 14


Crawdads River Cantina, the newest venture by former Tuli Chef Adam Pechal and Bar West owner Trevor Shultz, will open on March 14.

Originally opened in 1986, the restaurant changed hands recently, and the new team originally hoped to open by March 1. It now appears the opening date has slipped by a couple weeks - a very common occurrence among new restaurants.

A Cowtown Eats source has been to the restaurant as they've fine tuned their recipes, and I'm hearing great things. Joining Chef Pechal to oversee the kitchen is Paul Caravelli, a fellow contestant on the first season of ABC's The Taste. Word is that he's a dessert specialist, and will work well to compliment Chef Pechal.

Crawdad's is located at 1375 Garden Hwy, and can be found online at

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French cuisine coming to K Street - The new business, to be called Brasserie Capitale, will be owned and operated by the owners of Aioli, the tapas restaurant on L Street in midtown that will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year. While full details are still in the works, the chef will be Christophe Cornet, a classically trained French chef from the Bordeaux region who has experience at a Michelin two-star restaurant in France and was the private chef for the Maloof brothers, the former owners of the Sacramento Kings. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Dine Downtown raises more than $15K for food literacy - The ninth annual Dine Downtown Restaurant Week in Sacramento this January raised $15,345 for children’s food literacy. Dine Downtown ran from Jan. 8-17, offering fixed-price meals at a wide variety of Sacramento restaurants for $31. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

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All 16-oz House Pints Just $4 All Month at de Vere's

Is happy hour just not long enough for you? de Vere's will fix that this month for you by offering all of its house pints (meaning this offer excludes craft beers) for just $4 anytime through the end of February.

de Vere's is located at 1521 L Street.

Click here for their happy hour menu.

de Vere's Celebrates 5th Birthday with All Night Happy Hour Drinks Tonight

That tweet was sent yesterday. The deal is good tonight.

de Vere's is located at 1521 L St.

Click here to see their happy hour menu.

3 Ways to Celebrate New Year Eve Early


The traditional way to celebrate the ringing in of the New Year is at midnight. Some people (especially those with kids) have taken to celebrating East Coast midnight at 9 p.m. local, and then heading home with the rug rats.

But if you're either looking to kick off a legendary night of partying or looking for a low key way to celebrate before the drunks hit the road, there are 3 area drinking establishments who are celebrating the UK New Year at 4 p.m. PST.

  • de Vere's will be celebrating the Dublin New Year at 4 p.m. and then later at midnight with a champagne or whiskey toast at both their Sacramento and Davis locations. Click here for more info.
  • Streets of London will ring in the New Year with Big Ben at 4 p.m., and then again at midnight. Click here for more info.
  • 36 Handles in El Dorado Hills will also be celebrating twice - once at (you guessed it) 4 p.m. with bagpipes and a complimentary champagne toast and again at midnight. Click here for more info.

As for me, I'll be hitting up the crab feed at Virgin Sturgeon crab feed. Let's see if, after gorging myself with all I can eat, I can make it to midnight.

Whatever you do, I hope you have tons of fun, be safe, and have a happy new year!

Dining News: Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room Opens Friday


Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room, a grill-your-own steak restaurant in Oak Park, officially opens for business on Friday.

I had the opportunity to check the place out on Wednesday night during their soft opening, and I think they have a hit on their hands.


The vibe of the place is unique for Sacramento. While I was wasn't old enough to really appreciate the TV show Three's Company (I had no idea that Jack Tripper had to fake being gay to live with two women until I went to college), I imagine that the restaurant is what the Reagle Beagle might look like today. It's classy and understated, but with a real retro dive feel. Check out this great photo gallery from the Sac Biz Journal.

When our group of four went, the meal and drinks were hosted and there weren't even prices on their menus yet. Two of us ordered the rib eye and two others ordered the New York steak. Each steak came raw, served with a small side salad and a piece of bread. Here's their menu.


If you've never cooked steak in your life, you might be in trouble. You're expected to throw the steak on the grill yourself and know how to cook it. I've cooked (and overcooked) enough steaks in my life to have the hang of it, but if you've never cooked steak on an open flame before, you might want to bring a friend who has.


The steaks were all excellent. The meat was well marbled, and if it was overcooked or undercooked, it's on you. They do provide some seasonings at the grill, but honestly, the best way to eat a steak is just with a little salt and pepper.


They also have a great bar with craft cocktails, a short, but adequate wine list and a beer list stocked with microbrews.

They're definitely on the right track, and I look forward to seeing them grow as a restaurant.

I'll also warn you that they didn't have any appetizers or desserts on the menu yet, and they didn't have anything you could order without having to cook the protein yourself.

Arthur Henry's Supper Club (named after the owner's father) is part of the growing Naked Coffee family of restaurants, that also includes East Sac's Orphan (great brunch!) and Tupelo.

Arthur Henry's Supper Club and Ruby Room is located at 3402 Broadway. It can be found online at or on Facebook.

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Mikuni and DeVere's back a holiday toy drive - They’re calling it the Golden Ticket Toy Drive, an event benefiting children in need, one that's sprinkled with Christmas cheer and dipped in the most practical of dreams. “These are kids who want socks,” said Henry de Vere White, the proprietor of de Vere’s Irish Pubs who is teaming with Taro Arai of Mikuni restaurants and Sloughhouse-based Kylee Lillich Giving Tree on an 11-day gift drive that may pay gift-givers a reward beyond the satisfaction of fulfilling children’s holiday dreams. Ed Murrieta in the Sac Biz Journal.

The Coconut Midtown - I walked in with high hopes of having nothing but positive things to say about Midtown’s newest Thai food addition, and walked out feeling like I wanted to get a bit Gordon Ramsay on their asses. But all of that said, that was only Princess Bubblegum’s experience, and they do have a lot of good reviews piling up. It’s always tough when you’re a new restaurant to please everyone, and to be consistent as you cut your teeth. I’ll give them another chance after I wash my mouth out with some Thai Basil. Niki Kangas in Submerge Mag.

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