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Dining Deals: Masullo Pizza


Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson said that a pizza aficionado's search for great pizza "may well have reached new heights" after paying a visit to Masullo. To translate that, it's damn good pizza.

I love the place, and even spent a recent midweek Valentine's Day there. It's that good, and now you can get it half off.

Dining Deals: Dive Bar, Sandra Dee's, Pizza Rock


Saving money on drinks at happy hour is one thing, but it's also great to save money off an entire meal. Here are a couple places offering half off deals:

Dining Deals: Bacon & Butter, Level Up Lounge, Monsoon


Bacon & Butter's one of The Grid's best brunch spots. Looking for a way to get a great meal at a discount? Here's your chance.

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Dining Deals: Leatherby's Family Creamery & Skybox Grill & Bar


While I think it's generally been a mild summer, Mother Nature seems to want to give us one last hot spell before leaving for the season. I'll be countering that by enjoying a scoop of ice cream, half off.

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Dining Deals: Sandra Dee's BBQ, Biba, Drewski's Hot Rod

Sandra Dee's

I'm working on becoming one of Those Guys who can smoke his own ribs. But I'm not there yet, and even when I succeed, it still takes the entire afternoon. So when I'm looking for solid BBQ without having to spend hours in the back yard, one of my first stops is Sandra Dee's BBQ - especially when it's half off.

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Dining Deals: Burgess Brothers' Burgers, Leatherby's Family Creamery

I haven't been to Burgess Bro's Burgers yet, even though I live in the neighborhood. Earlier this month, Sac News & Review wrote a very positive review of the place - especially their bbq menu items.

I must have passed the restaurant 100 times without realizing they had more than burgers. Fortunately, they lugged their smoker over to the Track 7 Brewing Co. parking lot one Sunday, where I discovered them. The pork and beef ribs I tasted then were both incredibly tender and flavorful, brushed with a tomato-based hickory-flavored sauce.

Lucky for us, the have a deal for us to give it a try.

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