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Dining News: More on Capital Dime


Once Sactown Mag broke the news on Capital Dime last week, the other area news outlets rushed to get more details on the place.

First, Kibkabe Araya in Sac Press:

The owners of Ink Eats & Drinks in Midtown plan to open a new restaurant on 18th & L Streets around mid-July.

Dime, which will be in the L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen’s old spot, will serve $10 entrees of American bistro-style comfort food, according to Christina Arntson, Ink’s assistant general manager and consultant for Dime...

Open seven days a week, the restaurant will serve lunch and dinner starting from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. with the bar staying open to 2 a.m. Downstairs will be the main dining area while upstairs can be rented for private events. The condos in the building will receive exclusive room service.

Read the entire story in Sac Press.

The Sac Bee restaurant critic elaborates in a chat with Noah Zonca, former chef at The Kitchen, who is invested in the restaurant.

As Zonca told me last night, things changed rather dramatically since our first chat. He was acting in an advisory role and, the more advice he imparted, the more attached he became to the Dime's mission and concept. Originally, it was going to be an a la carte, farm-to-fork menu with everything $10 or less.

But when Zonca started putting it all together, he realized the menu wouldn't be interesting enough, competitive enough and, most importantly, it wouldn't really express quality farm to fork ingredients in their best light at that pricepoint.

So Zonca is expanding - and elevating - the menu. And now his investment - financially and otherwise - has increased dramatically. He's no longer silent. He was working on a scallop dish with housemade Thai curry when we spoke again.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

A couple other bits of confusion surrounding the new restaurant. 

  • Opening Date: There seems to be a little disagreement about the timing of the opening. Chris Macias reported in the Sac Bee on Wednesday evening that it would be late June. The Sac Bee restaurant critic reports that they hope to have it open by July 4. And Sac Press reports that it will open mid-July. As the opening date firms up, Cowtown Eats will stay on top of it.
  • Actual Name: What's the actual name of the restaurant? The Sac Bee refers to the restaurant as both "The Dime" and "Dime." Cowtown Eats was told in late may that the restaurant would be called "Dime." Sactown Mag refers to it as "Capital Dime." Sac Press gives us a tidbit of info, and it appears that the concept will be called "Dime," with this location referred to as "Capital Dime." The owners "hope to expand the Dime franchise in the future," reports Sac Press.

More News:

More Farm-to-Fork Week details emerge - More details are emerging for the first annual Farm-to-Fork Week, which will be held this September, including news that the tickets for its signature event — the Sept. 29 dinner on the Tower Bridge — will go on sale on the Farm-to-Fork Capital website at 9 a.m. on July 1. Tickets will be $175 per person. On Sactown Mag.

Refrigerator Fire Prompts Evacuation at Leatherby’s Ice Cream - Leatherby’s Family Creamery was evacuated Friday evening after a reported refrigerator fire. Metro Fire tweeted that only white smoke was seen, and that the fire was in the “plug area” only. Ian McDonald on FOX 40.

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Dining News: How Arab Investors Found Krush Burger


Krush Burger (then Mini Burger Truck) was the first gourmet Sacramento food truck to hit the streets. And a couple weeks ago, they were the first food truck to only expand internationally.

But I've never seen them talk about how it was that Krush Burger skipped opening an outlet in Elk Grove and went straight to Dubai.

In a great piece about the mobile food business, Douglas Curley brings us the details, in Comstock's Mag.

But the biggest announcement has already been made public: Construction is underway on an international franchise location in Dubai. A second is planned for Abu Dhabi.

“This all came about because there was a group of Arab investors looking to bring a unique U.S. burger concept to their homeland,” Vculek explains. “They didn’t want another McDonald’s or Burger King. They wanted a different experience.”

The investors actually found Krush Burger with a Google search. “That was really the basis of their research,” Vculek says. They came for a visit, spent a couple weeks checking out the business model and the deal was done.

Do yourself a favor and read the entire pice in Comstocks Mag.

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More News:

What — ANOTHER midtown Starbucks? - The folks at Starbucks Corp. must have noticed all the company’s cafes in and around midtown and downtown Sacramento -- all 16 of them -- are really busy. The central city apparently is not yet caffeinated enough, because Starbucks is adding another store at 16th and K streets. Mark Anderson in the Sac Biz Journal.

It's hot to grow hops - Anyone who has had a beer in the last two years knows that hoppy beers are at the top of the market, but what’s all this about growing hops? It seems like everywhere you look nowadays people are growing hops, picking hops or searching for hops. There are a few reasons for this new trend, and one of them is the Farm to Fork movement that’s happening right here in Sacramento. Farm to bottle? Well, it’s clear that now is the time. Patricia Willers in Sac Press.

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Daily Dining Deals: Pete's Brewhouse Midtown, House Kitchen & Bar

Everytime I see a Pete's Brewhouse deal, my interest is piqued and I hope that it's for the midtown location. Usually, it ends up being for one of their other fine suburban locations, but I don't live out there. Today, finally, they have a half off deal at the place I frequent. (Click here for happy hour info.)

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