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Dining News: 'Traditional Dishes with New Attention to Detail & Flavor' at Strings Urban Kitchen


The reviews are starting to come in for Strings Urban Kitchen, the newish eatery at the base of Capitol Towers at 7th & O. First up, it's Ann Martin Rolke in Sac News & Review. (Full Disclosure: Strings Urban Kitchen is currently an advertiser on Cowtown Eats.)

At dinner, Strings offers table service. We shared the Bruschetta Rustico, with chunky toasts layered with seasoned cheese, grape tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar. With less garlic than many versions, it’s a delicious and date-friendly choice...

It’s an old tradition that deserves renewed attention. The food at Strings is similar: traditional dishes with new attention to detail and flavor. It’s a nice addition to the downtown grid.

Read the entire article in Sac News & Review.

I've eaten there several times, including during their media preview and later for happy hour on my own dime. I've enjoyed it both times, due to its relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and solid food. On my next visit, I'll be checking out their retail wine store too.

Strings Urban Kitchen is located at 1500 7th Street, can be found online at

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LowBrau brunch features signature sausage, drinks - What is less known about them is that they also serve brunch. On Saturdays and Sundays, their deck, shaded by a large tree canopy, is an excellent spot to people watch, sip a shandy, and nosh on sausage-centric brunch food. Andrea Thompson in Sac Biz Journal.

The claim: food trucks are as safe as restaurants - Food trucks are just as safe as restaurants — and, in many cases, safer. That's the conclusion of a new report by the Institute of Justice, a Virginia-based libertarian law firm. The group found that food trucks and carts don't receive any more citations for health-safety violations than restaurants do. In fact, in most of the cities studied, the trucks actually did better. Susannah Locke on

VIDEO: Ice Cream Shops Thrive in Record Heat - It should be no surprise that ice cream shops around the valley are very busy during this spell of triple-digit heat. Staff at Leatherby’s in Elk Grove say they go through 500 to 600 gallons of ice cream on a hot day. Multiply that by three locations, and that number ends up being around 1,500 gallons. Alisa Becerra on FOX 40.

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Dining News: Bacon & Butter Still Several Weeks From Opening New Location

Bacon & Butter, which closed its Midtown location in mid-May, had originally targeted Father's Day as the date they would open at their new Tahoe Park location.

Late last week, they provided an update on their timing, on Facebook.

Although we had hoped to be open by this weekend, based on the current construction and city estimates, we're still probably a few weeks away. That's the challenge of estimating dates when construction is happening  When we have a firm date, we'll definitely post it here and in our newsletter.

When the open, Bacon & Butter's new Tahoe Park location will be at 5913 Broadway.

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Tower Cafe sued over meal, rest breaks - Former kitchen staff at Tower Cafe have filed a class action against their employer for alleged failure to give them duty-free meal and rest breaks. Workers also allege in a lawsuit filed in Sacramento County Superior Court in May that records do not reflect actual hours worked. They are seeking more than $2 million in wages, penalties and attorney’s fees. Kathy Robertson in Sac Biz Journal.

Couple behind Hawks in Granite Bay plan casual Sacramento gastropub - This fall, the team behind Hawks will open a second restaurant, this time with a more casual theme, in Sacramento. Hawks Provisions and Public House will be a stand-alone restaurant at the corner of Stockton and Alhambra. Currently in the permitting stages of development, it consists of two buildings connected by an arbor. Andrea Thompson in Sac Biz Journal.

Jamaica & Phillipines: Island Food - I realized that this week was island food week since I had eaten at a Jamaican restaurant one night and a Filipino one the next. I don't feel I can rightly post full blog reviews of either one since I've only eaten at each once. This is a double quickie review of both. Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to going back to each one. Catherine Enfield on Munchie Musings.

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Dining News: Krush Burger to Open Roseville Location in July


Krush Burger will open its third regional location in Roseville in July, a move that it had telegraphed for months.

In January, it opened its second slider-based restaurant in Davis, with its first restaurant opening in January 2013.

Krush Burger is the pioneering Sacramento Food Truck, formerly known as Mini Burger Truck.

More info from the press release:

The new Krush Burger will be located in the Promenade portion of the Galleria between Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and Brooks Brothers. The restaurant will be accesible via its own entrance and include a private dining patio where patrons will be able to enjoy Krush Burger's classic menu and assortment of local beer and wine on tap. 

The restaurant, located directly behind one of the Galleria's main parking structures, will make parking and accesing the restaurant quick and convenient.

You can also read the Sac Biz Journal's report.

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Koreana Plaza and International Food Court - One of my favorite memories of going to the Philippines was going to the food courts they have in shopping centers.  These aren't like American food courts with McDonald's and Sbarro.  These are similar to ones you find throughout Asia where individual vendors have small stands selling their specialty.  There's a grandma over here making rice cakes and over there is an auntie who has special skewers. The next stall over is a girl making halo halo or selling pastries.  Each one is independent and as close to homemade as you can get in a shopping center. When I read last week in the Bee that Allen Pierleoni had gone to Koreana Plaza for the International food court, I had to check it out too.  I really hoped it might be similar to the kind I remembered. It wasn't, but it was still pretty good. Catherine Enfield on Munchie Musings.

Family-owned deli and store offers unique imports - Customer Jack Warren has shopped at Corti Brothers for nearly 50 years and said the market has stayed consistent in having good products and he has learned a lot about wine from Darrell Corti. “I learned that Darrell knows more about wine than anybody in the United States,” Warren said. “I once had a bottle of wine that I told Darrell was a 1929 third growth with a split and he said I didn’t, that it was a 1927 because 1929 was the depression and they didn’t make one [then]. He was right [and I] never doubted him since.” Erika Bradley in the Sac State Hornet.

VIDEO: Dishin' With Tina: Maalouf's - On this Dishin' With Tina, Tina is out to lunch at Marianne McClary's favorite place to grab a bite: Maalouf's! On Good Day Sac.

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Dining News: University of Beer to Open at 16th & O Streets


University of Beer, a Davis-based tap house, is opening its second location at the Legado de Ravel building on 16th Street.

The restaurant expects to be open in about two months, said Ember, who answered the phone at the Davis location on Wednesday.

The restaurant will serve 88 beers (up from approximately 60 at its first location) and will have a full kitchen. The restaurant is owned by the same family that owns KetMoRee, a Thai restaurant in Davis, although different siblings run the different ventures.

University of Beer first launched in Davis approximately a year ago.

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Savoring 10 great places to grab lunch in ’13 - The checks have been paid and the tables cleared as our adventures in casual dining close for 2013. For dessert, we’re serving this subjective list of the 10 places my lunch pals and I liked most this year, in order of preference. Featuring 36 Handles (El Dorado Hills), Tori's Place (Del Paso Heights), Saffron Grill (Folsom), Krush Burger & others. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Try It: Mama Kim’s King Crab and Spinach Benedict - Feeling adventurous? Mama Kim Eats on Del Paso Boulevard offers a fabulous Benedict on its brunch menu that features big chunks of King crab and silky sautéed spinach atop a crumbly cheddar-chive biscuit, slathered with spicy tomato hollandaise sauce. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

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Dining News: Do Good While Eating Well


In this week's Sunday column, Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson takes a look at two places where you can feel good while you fill up.

Plates Cafe (as well as the new Plates2Go in midtown), an employment training program for formerly homeless mothers, and Casa Garden, the longstanding restaurant at the Sacramento Children’s Home, both do amazing work to raise money, build spirits and make a difference. If you’re looking for a feel-good dining experience – and a respite from some of the holiday bustle – I highly recommend you check both of them out soon...

Plates2Go is a new and exciting offshoot of the cafe, and it has plenty of visibility and walk-by traffic. And they make it very easy. You can order there and take the food back to work (or to a bench in the park), or you can order online and pick up when it’s ready...

Casa Garden functions much differently than Plates. With the exception of the chef and four other paid positions, the restaurant is filled with volunteer servers – often retirees who were successes in their fields and now want to give back. They are very professional and clearly take pride in what they do. I have encountered excellent timing, engaging banter and detailed knowledge of the food when I have dined there.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

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First Impressions: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit fires up midtown’s BBQ wars - Well, at least it’s better than the McRib. But the temperature control issues and lack of smoky character in the meat made for barbecue that tasted mediocre at best. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Future of Sammy's still uncertain - The fate of Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar & Grill in downtown Roseville may be uncertain for a while longer, with the head of the Roseville Community Development Corp. saying Wednesday nothing may change there until after the new year. RCDC head Chris Robles said there was also no change in the status of $1.5 million loan that RCDC made last year to the restaurant’s operators. It's now two months in default. Ben van der Meer in Sac Biz Journal.

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Dining News: Blackbird Returns?

Blackbird, the restaurant that abruptly closed on Oct. 1, is set to reopen soon, scoops the Sac Bee's Chris Macias.

Now here’s some news that caught us off guard. Blackbird Kitchen & Bar (1015 9th St., Sacramento), which abruptly closed in late September, plans to re-open soon. The principals involved are keeping the full details quiet for now, but expect updates about the reopening soon...

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

Honestly, I'm kind of torn about the news. I'm happy that restaurant staff who may still be out of work will have a way to pay the bills again, but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to liking the restaurant again. It's kind of like a relationship. Blackbird left without saying goodbye. They're about to come back into town, but who knows for how long? Who knows if the ownership group will tire of the venture and close abruptly again?

I already got over Blackbird and was excited about what new restaurant might go there next. I'm not sure I'm ready to welcome them back...yet.

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Counter Culture: Krush Burger mini meals offer big tastes - Our own mini burgers arrived and looked and tasted great. The best of the pack was Krush Burger’s signature dish, the Ninja, grilled and shredded Korean-style short rib topped with crunchy Asian slaw (fresh napa and red cabbages, shredded carrot, cilantro and jalapeño) with a side of Sriracha aioli. “Wow!” we said in unison. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Yang's Noodles: Taiwanese steez -  I came here because Yang’s Noodles is the only place in town I know of that serves niu rou jian bing (sliced beef rolls)—a specialty of northern China—and the ones at Yang’s hit the spot. The dish is basically the Chinese version of a burrito: meat (thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce) plus veggies (diced green onion, cucumber and cilantro) wrapped in a large, flat and circular carbohydrate crepe (a thin Chinese pancake made out of flour, water and green onion). I also sampled the niu rou shao bing, a more sandwichlike version of the same dish, with the sliced beef and veggies placed inside a baked sesame flatbread. It doesn’t quite pack the same complicated punch of flavor. Jonathan Mendick in Sac News & Review.

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Dining News: Krush Burger Coming to Davis in December


Krush Burger, the Sacramento food truck pioneer turned restaurant mogul, announced that it's next brick and mortar location will be in Davis.

The newest location in the college town, at 1411 West Covell Blvd., is Krush Burger's second location in California, with an additional location in Dubai.

This location is near student housing and in a shopping center anchored by a Safeway supermarket frequented by both locals and part time residents. Other eateries in that shopping center include Dos Coyotes, Jack's Urban EAts, Jamba Juice, Panda Express, Noah's Bagles, Peet's Coffee and Togo's.

Krush Burger replaces Rostini Italian Kitchen, which closed in Feb. after a 2 year run. Prior to that, the space was occupied by a Strings Italian Cafe, per the Davis Patch.

I stopped by on Saturday evening, and it looks like the space needs a little work before it can open as a Krush Burger. While the kitchen has already been built out, the branding isn't up yet, and the space doesn't have the same look and feel of the Krush Burger at the State Lottery building.

Krush Burger can be found online at

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Oak Park brewery, restaurant eyes 2014 opening - The Oak Park Brewing Co. and The Thirsty Fork restaurant are on track to open on Broadway early next year. Christopher Davis-Murai will run the restaurant side of the business with seating for 50 inside and seating for 70 outside of the 3,400-square-foot brick building at 3514 Broadway. Davis-Murai is a seasoned personal chef and was the guy behind the Bicycle Chef in midtown and East Sacramento. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

Sorry Folks, Bandera is Still the Best Burger in Town - I know it’s a chain. I know the drinks are too expensive. I know you can’t go there without getting hit on by some geriatric divorcee or Persian car dealer. I know. I know all of these things. It doesn’t make the burger taste any worse. It is a perfect burger. On The Sac Rag.

First Impressions: Lou’s Sushi on P Street - He’s humble. He’s hungry. And he’s gifted. Just ask the legion of followers who have been watching social media with interest as Valente was making the transition from sushi chef at Zen Sushi on 15th Street to owner/sushi chef at Lou’s Sushi on P Street. Clearly, Valente has cachet and star potential. How much does he love and respect the craft? He was moved to tears watching “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

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