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Dining Deals: Vallejo's, 3 Fires Lounge, Kupros

The Legislature's on Spring Break this week, which means many of you who do business in or around the State Capitol have a little free time over the next couple days. For Legislative types, I suspect for many, that time gets filled with a couple extra drinks. If you're going to do that, why not do it fro 2/3rds off?

  • $10 for $30 at Vallejo's O Street and 4th Street Locations. (Use the promo code "BESTOF" to get the deal at this price.) Offer ends on Thursday.

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Dining Deals: Krush Burger, Kupros Bistro, Trio


Krush Burger made an excellent transition from food truck entrepreneur to full fledged restaurant. I went on their opening weekend, and was impressed. If you haven't been to their location off Richards Blvd., here's your chance at almost half off.

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Dining News: Kupros Bistro, Call Your Office


I'm not a lawyer, and I've never had employees at a small business. I'm sure it's a tough gig. But there are a few things that I've picked up about managing people along the way.

  • Personnel matters are confidential.
  • Don't talk about somebody's pregnancy or medical conditions.
  • Don't air your dirty laundry.

Apparently, the management at Kupros Bistro (where I actually had a delightful happy hour on Monday after work) hasn't learned these lessons yet, reports Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

For followers of Sacramento's restaurant scene, Facebook was abuzz this morning from posts on the page for Kupros Bistro with a serious accusation. The post came from Kupros Bistro itself, saying: "To all those I had the pleasure to meet in the last 2 and a half years: Steve, the owner no longer feels it is appropriate to have a (woman) expecting to work in his establishment so he has let me go. I wish all you wonderful regulars the best and will miss you:)"

Discriminating against a pregnant employee violates the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

The employee in question is a now former bar manager at Kupros and also helped book bands to play at the bistro.

However, Kupros owner Stephen Tokuhama called in with his side of the story. He said the employee wasn't fired, but rather quit this morning on her own volition.

Since his original post, the female employee and a witness to the exchange have both called Macias with more information. Read the entire post in the Sac Bee. (Something tells me that today isn't the end of the story.)

While we're at it, Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson lets us in on an exchange with Kupros Bistro's management after he wrote a middling review of the joint.

I had complained that the food was bland and that little on the menu showed any personality or daring. I also lamented that the opening chef, John Gurnee, who made a splash with his edgy menu choices and his excellent cooking skills, had been sent packing. I received an email from Kupros taking me to task for calling and speaking with the manager when he was busy, prior to the review. How unfair of me. Well, I called Temple Coffee today to chat with owner Sean Kohmescher, who, it turns out was busy. Know what he said? "Hey, can I call you back in 45 minutes?" How did he come up with that one?

The Kupros email went on to suggest that John Gurnee was a friend of mine. It also said that in my review I had not considered Gurnee's exorbitant food costs. Hmm, let's see. A) How would I know what his food costs are? B) Why would I care? and C) You guys set the prices on the menu, apparently based in some way on how you can make a profit while providing value to your customers. I think that's how it works. Banished from Kupros, Gurnee is now starring at one of San Francisco's hot restaurants, Wayfare Tavern, where he is executive chef. In the highly competitive Bay Area restaurant scene, food costs are more important than ever. Am I friends with Gurnee? I've never met him. Maybe Kupros should have asked.

Read his entire post in the Sac Bee.

Finally, recall that this isn't the first time that Kupros Bistro has had a run of bad PR. Back in March, they tried to sell a 12 oz glass of a rare Pliny the Younger IPA and a burger for $45. That move angered the brewery.

More News:

Taste Sacramento's best hot toddy tonight and Tuesday at Ten22 - Last week, we brought you the winners of a Hot Toddy contest held at Golden Bear, featuring some of Sacramento's leading and up-and-coming bartenders. Well, now you can taste that winning hot toddy for yourself both tonight and Tuesday at Ten22 in Old Sacramento. The hot toddy comes from Karina Martinez, who was the hands-down winner with her "Mad King Charles" toddy. Its key ingredients include: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Torani Amer liqueur, chamomile citrus tea, and steeped in almond water. She also torched pieces of cinnamon bark for added aromatics. Yes, this was one impeccable hot toddy with its balanced flavors, thoughtful presentation and just enough boozy kick to keep you extra warm on a winter's night. They will cost $9 each. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opens In Natomas - A new Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant opened today, Dec. 17 at the Promenade Shopping Center in Natomas. The Natomas Chamber of Commerce was on hand to celebrate the eatery's opening day with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. On Natomas Buzz.

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Daily Dining News: Three Places to get Eggs for Lunch or Dinner


Eggs must be one of the most versitale foods. Not to go all Forest Gump, but you can serve them scrambled, hard boiled, poached, sunny side up - well, you get the point. But too often it's served only in the mornings.

Sac Mag's Cathy Cassinos-Carr finds three great restaurants featuring eggs in meals besides breakfast.

Kupros: At Kupros Bistro, chef Christopher J. Wood likes to perch poached eggs on top of salads. “Using an egg goes back to the classic French dish,” he says. “It’s redoing classical dishes to a more updated style.”

Red Rabbit: A fried-egg burger has been a staple at Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar since the restaurant’s opening earlier this year.

Sac Mag also features Tucos in Davis. I ate at Tucos on Mother's Day dinner this year and it was surprisingly good. It doesn't have a lot of buzz, but it has great food at relatively affordable prices.

Read the entire story in Sac Mag.

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Best Thing I Put In My Mouth This Week: Store Bought Ice Cream Edition - So far I’ve only been able to find it at Taylor’s. Strauss Family Creamery Brown Sugar and Banana Ice Cream (with dark chocolate chunks). It’s incredible, delectable, and packaged in a diminutive enough container so as not to cause gastric expansion on a geological scale. On The Sac Rag.

A Sweet Way to Beat the Heat: Midtown's Devine Gelateria - Feeling grouchy and hot? Make the trek to midtown’s Devine Gelateria, where you can indulge in a dizzying lineup of handmade-on-the-premises, creatively-flavored gelatos and sorbettos. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

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Wednesday Downtown Happy Hour 3 to 7 p.m.

This Summer, the Downtown Partnership has put organized 20 Downtown restaurants who will offer happy hour every Wednesday from 3 to 7 p.m. through the end of August.

Each of these 20 restaurants will feature $2 beers, $3 wine and $4 cocktails.

Participating restaurants include:

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13 Places to Get Bottomless Mimosas in Sacramento


One of the best ways to spend a lazy weekend afternoon in Sacramento is to grab brunch and (over?)indulge in bottomless mimosas. Unfortunately for me, it usually leads to being day drunk which leads to the unpleasant day hangover. But still, it really is an awesome way to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday.

Let me give an obligatory, but important, reminder. Please have a designated driver or indulge within walking distance from a place where you can sleep it off.

Here are 13 16 places in Sacramento with weekend bottomless mimosas.


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Daily Dining News: Temple Coffee Expanding to Arden

Cowtown Eats was the first to report that Temple Coffee was moving from its original location. Now, Temple Coffee is expanding to Fair Oaks and Munroe St., reports Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee.

Temple Coffee, which opened its first shop in a former downtown Sacramento bookstore seven years ago, is opening its third location next week, in the Arden Arcade area.

Temple founder Sean Kohmescher said Wednesday that the owner of Cafe La Boca asked him to take over the shop at 2600 Fair Oaks Blvd.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Brewer not too happy with local eatery after sky high prices - Earlier today, ranSACkedmedia ran the story about Kupros Bistro landing a rare keg of Pliny the Younger IPA and charging $45 for a 12 oz. glass with a burger. Apparently, Russian River Brewing Co. got several emails from beer lovers who protested the price point that Kupros set their beer at, and one received the following feedback and forwarded it to us. Issac Gonzalez in RanSackedMedia.com.

Beer and chili in Sacramento this weekend - As the winter season comes to a close, one cold-weather stew will receive a lively send-off this Saturday. The Sacramento Beer & Chili Festival at Southside Park (2116 Sixth Street), which coincides with Beer Week, celebrates both vegetarian and meat versions of a certain hearty stew called chili. The competition will determine a winner in three categories: individual, corporate and industry. Additionally, attendees can pair their chili with a beer from such regional breweries as Ruhstaller, Sudwerk and Lost Coast. Local band As Yet Untitled will kick out some live jams. Jonathan Mendick in the Sac News & Review.

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