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Daily Dining News: New Sports Bar on K St?


George Karpaty, the man behind Dive Bar, District 30 and Pizza Rock, is planning on adding to a sports bar to his K Street empire, reports Michael Shaw in the Sac Biz Journal.

Despite the elimination of Sacramento’s redevelopment agency, officials believe the guidelines will permit the release of $2 million in funds for another trendy venue on K Street by San Francisco nightclub owner George Karpaty.

He is proposing a new sports bar and grill on the ground floor at 1012 K St. Plans include bocce courts in the basement and virtual golf, shuffleboard and other games on the second floor lounge. It’s next door to Karpaty’s other venues, the mermaid-themed Dive Bar, the District 30 club and Pizza Rock restaurant.

Read the entire article in the Sac Biz Journal. (Subscription required.)

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