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Dining News: Mother Begets Maiden?

Maiden will be a "pop up starting soon," announced Mother executive chef Matt Masera on Instagram earlier this week.

I reached out to a contact at Mother to learn more, but information was not immediately forthcoming. It's also unclear whether the pop up restaurant was a project of Chef Masera separate from Mother, or as part of the Mother brand, but given the name, I'd be willing to bet that its the latter.

I'll keep you posted as I learn more about these pop ups. I'm excited to see where else they go next.

Relatedly, Masera will also be the featured guest at the August edition of the Plates Guest Chef Dinner. Plates Cafe is run by the St. John's Program for Real Change (formerly St. John's Shelter) where homeless women learn front of the house and back of the house skills that will help set them onto a path of financial sustainability.


The guest dinners are held the first Thursday of every month and feature a high profile chef. The meals are prepared by the guest chef and served by staff from the cafe. While I don't think it's technically all you can eat, the times I've attended, you can ask for seconds and you won't leave hungry. It's a good meal, a worthy cause and you'll have a great time.

August's guest dinner will be held on Thursday, Aug. 7. Tickets are $50 per person and can be found here.

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Tropics on a Budget: Mikuni’s Key Lime Moto - Wishing you were slathered with sun block and baking luxuriously in the tropical sunshine? If finances and hectic work schedules thwart your travel plans, head to midtown’s Mikuni Sushi for the bar’s Key Lime Moto—it’s guaranteed to catapult you directly into vacation mode. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

The Inaugural Sacratomato Week Begins July 21 - The inaugural “Sacratomato Week” will be held from July 21 through July 27, and locals can expect to find tomato-themed menu options, drink specials and more at Sutter District establishments such as Café Bernardo (heirloom tomato, avocado and chèvre sandwich with basil pesto) and INK Eats and Drinks (the “Harvest Hooch”—rye whiskey, tomatoes, strawberries, lemon juice, simple syrup and orange bitters). Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Dawson’s -  I had the opportunity to hang out with Jason Poole, the executive chef of Dawson’s last week, and learned that his restaurant is anything but an industry cliché. Located at 1209 L Street, Dawson’s is the Hyatt Regency’s in-house steakhouse. But don’t call it a “hotel restaurant.” Dawson’s stands on its own. “We’re not a hotel restaurant. We’re better than that stigma,” Poole says. “Yes, we have rooms here, but we’re so much more.” Megan Foster in Sac Foodies.

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Dining News: Guadalajara Grill to Replace Headhunters at 20th & K


I'd noticed the change in signage for the restaurant inside Mango's, but I never had the time to track it down. Luckily, Sac Biz Journal's Mark Anderson has the news.

Guadalajara Grill operates daily during lunch and dinner at 1930 K St., and then later at night the venue becomes Mango's, a Latin night club with three dance floors sprawled out over 10,000 square feet through two buildings and a large outdoor courtyard...

Guadalajara was invited to take over the restaurant operations by Gomez, who liked the food at their other locations.

The first Taqueria Guadalajara opened in 1991. With the new midtown restaurant, there are now four locations. The others are 640 West Covell Blvd. and 417 Mace Blvd. in Davis and 6 West Court St. in Woodland.

Read the entire story in Sac Biz Journal.

I've eaten at their location on Mace Blvd. and found it good for being in Davis. With Tres Hermanas just a short distance down K Street, the competition will be much higher in Midtown, but I hope the owners are ready for it.

Photo taken on May 1, 2014.

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San Francisco’s 7x7 magazine shouts out Sacramento food scene - Seems as those big city folk in San Francisco are continuing to warm to its cowtown neighbor about 75 miles away. Following an April article in the SF Weekly which gave well deserved props to Sacramento’s cocktail scene, the San Francisco lifestyle magazine 7x7 posted a piece today about Sacramento becoming a culinary destination for farm-to-fork restaurants. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Firefighters Respond to Original Squeeze Inn Location - Crews responded to a fire at the original Squeeze Inn location on Fruitridge Road Wednesday evening. The cause of the fire was not immediately known. On FOX 40.

Midtown BevMo opening in June - A midtown Sacramento BevMo store will open soon. The big-box liquor and specialty food store at 1700 J St. is expected to open at 9 a.m. on June 13. It fills a 12,484-square-foot building that long housed The Beat record store. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

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Dining News: 'One of the Best Burgers in Sac' at Fieldhouse


Fieldhouse American Sports Pub, which opened in Early March and replaced Mandango in Arden, is starting to get a little positive buzz.

Maybe that shouldn't be a suprise since the new sports bar has its food and drink program handled by people behind Shady Lady. Here's an early review, via Submerge Mag:

So there we sat, happy campers, with a five-plate spread before us, showcasing every color of the rainbow and bestowing a wealth of amazing flavors on our eager taste buds. Those sitting at the bar around us had to ask why two svelte women such as ourselves were so damn hungry.

The half-pound Whiskey Burger elicited an, “Oh dang.” This is quite possibly one of the best burgers in Sacramento. Served on newsprint food service paper with black peppercorn fries, the Whiskey Burger comes on a toasted bun with spicy, bitter arugula; bacon on point in the shape of a stiff ‘X’; a whiskey-soaked patty of local ground beef; and cheddar cheese that melts and flows like lava over the whole masterpiece...

Stuffed to the gills and smiling, I noticed that in spite of the recent opening, the place was already beginning to fill up with patrons. Origoni gratefully explains, “We have been warmly received by the community since opening and are continuing to see more new faces as word spreads.” Looks like another home run for the team at Shady Lady and their new partners.

Read the entire story in Submerge Mag.

Field House American Sports Pub is located at 1310 Fulton Ave, and can be found online at fieldhousesac.com.

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Bidwell Street Bistro to become Bacchus House - Bidwell Street Bistro in Folsom is changing ownership again. The new proprietor is Eric Adams, owner of Bacchus Elegant Events catering and event-planning of Sacramento. Here’s how it’s playing out: Veteran restaurateur Richard Righton originally opened the bistro in 2000, hiring imaginative executive chef Wendi Mentink. Righton currently owns 36 Handles British-style pub and the neighboring Relish Burger Bar in El Dorado Hills. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

First look: Midtown's Karma Brew - As for managing the food and drink, since he doesn’t have formal culinary training, he’s bringing in help. He says that friends who have experience in the restaurant industry will lend a hand. His target audience? People with a “champagne taste, and a beer budget.” After a few hours of talking with Sadeghi, it’s all still a bit unclear what exactly to expect from Karma Brew. But it looks like it’ll certainly have a unique environment with plenty of personality. Jonathan Mendick on Sac News & Review.

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Dining News: What Darrell Corti Thinks is Wrong With Italian Food in America

Darrell corti

Darrell Corti may be Sacramento's foremost expert on food. He's probably forgotten more about food just this year than I'll ever hope to know.

In an interview with The Daily Meal, he gives his opinion on what's wrong with Italian food in America.

You grew up in an Italian-American household, have traveled extensively in Italy, and gained deep knowledge of Italian food and wine. What do you think Americans still don't understand about the way Italians eat and drink?

Americans still don't get the simplicity of it all! My Italian friends all want to know, "why do Americans abuse garlic so much?" It seems that Americans, especially young chefs, want to improve on a dish by adding more to it, when what it really wants is to be left alone (like in The Big Night) Sometimes it also seems that everything has to be partnered with something else: wines, additives like other seasonings. Most who go to Italy to work, return to sort of magnify in an "American" way what they learned. There are very few real Italian restaurants here since everyone wants his idea of Italian food to be the correct one. A big peeve is how to dress pasta. Americans like sauce with pasta, not pasta with sauce! I'm already in enough trouble answering this question!!

Before this interview, I knew that Corti (of the famed Corti Bros. store in East Sac) was an expert, but I never knew what his background was and how he continues to expand his knowledge. The Q and A is a short and quick read.

Read the entire interview in The Daily Meal.

Photo via Darrell Corti's Facebook Page.

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SF Weekly recommends Sacramento's cocktail scene - The SF Weekly’s “drink of the week” column generally focuses on a single standout libation, or gives props to Bay Area bars with standout cocktail programs. But in the most recent case, the “drink of the week” went to an entire city - and that city is our own Sacramento. While giving the obligatory descriptor to Sacramento as a place to grab a quick bite on the way to Lake Tahoe, writer Lou Bustamante spotlights four Sacramento craft cocktail spots that are well worth an extended visit: Hook & Ladder, The Red Rabbit, Hock Farm and The Shady Lady Saloon. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Midtown juice bar Peel'd coming to Roseville - A midtown juicery will open a Roseville location this month, inside a yoga studio. Peel'd, located in midtown's MARRS building, will have a juice bar inside Veera Yoga at 711 Pleasant Grove Blvd. in Roseville. A grand opening is scheduled for Saturday. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

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Dining News: Ford's Hamburgers to be Replaced by New Restaurant by Shoki Owners


The owners of Shoki Ramen House, which has been named one of the top five Ramen restaurants in America, are expanding their empire by opening a third restaurant, reports Sac Foodways.

They are opening a brand new restaurant this summer called Sun Sun in the old Fords Drive In by Land Park – their cooking style is fresh, organic, local and with full intention of the best ramen in our area – and they achieve!

That tidbit was hidden away in a much longer article unrelated to restaurant openings and closings. Read the entire post in Sac Foodways.

Their second restaurant is a second Shoki Ramen House at 12th and R streets. The original location is on 24th St., just south of Broadway.

The Land Park News was the first to report that a new Asian restaurant was moving into the old Ford's Hamburger's building back in November.

The building that used to house Ford’s Hamburgers in Land Park has been vacant for over a year. It’s been sitting empty and alone for quite awhile...She didn’t seem to have much information but she did inform me that “there will be Asian cuisine going in at the location” perhaps before the end of the year.

More News:

Bill introduced to undo California's 'glove law' for food preparers - A key member of the California State Assembly has introduced "emergency legislation" that would undo the newly-enacted law that angered the restaurant and bar industries by requiring that food preparers use gloves or utensils when handling ready-to-eat food. On KPCC.

Winemakers brace for drought's inevitable impacts - Consumers are likely to see higher prices, either because of the higher cost of winemaking (because of the higher cost of water), or because of a lower fruit yield. Or, more likely, both. The main immediate concern is early bud break—vines could start blossoming in the next month or so. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

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Dining News: Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room Opens Friday


Arthur Henry's Supper Club & Ruby Room, a grill-your-own steak restaurant in Oak Park, officially opens for business on Friday.

I had the opportunity to check the place out on Wednesday night during their soft opening, and I think they have a hit on their hands.


The vibe of the place is unique for Sacramento. While I was wasn't old enough to really appreciate the TV show Three's Company (I had no idea that Jack Tripper had to fake being gay to live with two women until I went to college), I imagine that the restaurant is what the Reagle Beagle might look like today. It's classy and understated, but with a real retro dive feel. Check out this great photo gallery from the Sac Biz Journal.

When our group of four went, the meal and drinks were hosted and there weren't even prices on their menus yet. Two of us ordered the rib eye and two others ordered the New York steak. Each steak came raw, served with a small side salad and a piece of bread. Here's their menu.


If you've never cooked steak in your life, you might be in trouble. You're expected to throw the steak on the grill yourself and know how to cook it. I've cooked (and overcooked) enough steaks in my life to have the hang of it, but if you've never cooked steak on an open flame before, you might want to bring a friend who has.


The steaks were all excellent. The meat was well marbled, and if it was overcooked or undercooked, it's on you. They do provide some seasonings at the grill, but honestly, the best way to eat a steak is just with a little salt and pepper.


They also have a great bar with craft cocktails, a short, but adequate wine list and a beer list stocked with microbrews.

They're definitely on the right track, and I look forward to seeing them grow as a restaurant.

I'll also warn you that they didn't have any appetizers or desserts on the menu yet, and they didn't have anything you could order without having to cook the protein yourself.

Arthur Henry's Supper Club (named after the owner's father) is part of the growing Naked Coffee family of restaurants, that also includes East Sac's Orphan (great brunch!) and Tupelo.

Arthur Henry's Supper Club and Ruby Room is located at 3402 Broadway. It can be found online at http://www.arthurhenrys.net/ or on Facebook.

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Mikuni and DeVere's back a holiday toy drive - They’re calling it the Golden Ticket Toy Drive, an event benefiting children in need, one that's sprinkled with Christmas cheer and dipped in the most practical of dreams. “These are kids who want socks,” said Henry de Vere White, the proprietor of de Vere’s Irish Pubs who is teaming with Taro Arai of Mikuni restaurants and Sloughhouse-based Kylee Lillich Giving Tree on an 11-day gift drive that may pay gift-givers a reward beyond the satisfaction of fulfilling children’s holiday dreams. Ed Murrieta in the Sac Biz Journal.

The Coconut Midtown - I walked in with high hopes of having nothing but positive things to say about Midtown’s newest Thai food addition, and walked out feeling like I wanted to get a bit Gordon Ramsay on their asses. But all of that said, that was only Princess Bubblegum’s experience, and they do have a lot of good reviews piling up. It’s always tough when you’re a new restaurant to please everyone, and to be consistent as you cut your teeth. I’ll give them another chance after I wash my mouth out with some Thai Basil. Niki Kangas in Submerge Mag.

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