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Daily Dining News: More Details on River Rock's Closure


River Rock Tap House closed last week, and their twitter account said it was due to bankruptcy.

The tweet was signed by "Scotty B" who I surmised at that time ran their social media. Scotty B posted additional information over on the Yelp forums. Here are some exercpts:

River Rock is currently closed due to filing Chapter 11...

I was directed by River Rock's owner, Mike to post on their FB page and Twitter to let people know what was going on. A day before their FB was taken down, Mike told me he would make the statement on the FB page.  However, before he did the Trustee in the case had him pull the page down.  I posted on Twitter the night the page went down that they were closed due to bankruptcy and also said "I have no other info at this time".  Which I didn't.  I got a text from Mike the following evening telling me that he hopes to re-open sometime in August but it doesn't look likely.  Just to be clear, the Twitter post was under direction from Mike...

As for the bankruptcy documents, you can look them up down at the Federal Courthouse downtown as I did yesterday or sign up for the PACE service on their website. 

Read te entire post on Yelp.

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