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Daily Dining News: 9 Places to Eat When Visiting Sacramento


USA Today's Pop Candy blog listed 10 reasons to visit Sacramento. On that list was our an item for our gastrnomic delights, which included the following restaurants:

  • The Squeeze Inn. The best cheesy, yummy burgers. Well worth the extra fat grams.
  • Jack's Urban Eats. American comfort food at its casual, lively best.
  • Cafeteria 15L. Hearty, delicious fare in a spirited environment -- and you must check out the bathrooms.
  • Hot Italian. Eat scrumptious thin-crust pizza while celebrating Italy's new generation of art, music, design and sport.
  • Zocalo. A lively, architecturally exciting space to eat tasty Mexican food.
  • Roxy. Western ranch meets urban fare. And check out the beautiful chandelier!
  • Mikuni. The very best sushi, maybe in all of California.
  • Spataro. Executive Chef Kurt Spataro brings it every night, serving superb classic, seasonal Italian fare.
  • Ella Dining Room & Bar. This internationally acclaimed restaurant is passionate about food, and it shows. Their regionally sourced, innovative fresh food and handcrafted artisanal cocktails are second to none.

I think this list is a good start, but it needs a few additions. When friends and relatives visit, we definitely hit the Squeeze Inn since it's unique to Sacramento. When Daniel Pont owned La Bonne Soupe Cafe, that was another definite stop for out of towners. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is a must for desserts.

Do you think the author left anything off the list? If so, leave it in the comments below.

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Daily Dining News: RIP Sweetwater Restaurant & Bar


Sweetwater Restaurant & Bar moved to midtown from East Sac in August 2009, replacing Finns, a seafood restaurant. In that time, I've gone there for happy hour a few times and ate brunch there recently on a Groupon. I thought their happy hour food as solid, but their brunch left a lot to be desired.

Here are some more details bout the closing from the Sac Bee's Chris Macias:

[Co-owner Brad] Ross said diners simply aren't spending money like they used to.

"Business had been solid but the economic climate has changed," said Ross. "People rely on Groupons and happy hours. It's now a big part of our culture, but the profit margins haven't changed. Therefore, some other things have to change as well. People used to come in and spend $100 on the way home from work. That $100 doesn't exist very often now."

Ross, who co-owned Sweetwater with Tom Rockenbaugh, said there's no plans for now to re-open Sweetwater in a different spot.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

So maybe I was their exact problem. I'm sad that they're gone and for those who have lost their jobs, but I'm hopeful that a new and vibrant (and better) restaurant will fill that spot.

PS: I want to add that I'm forever thankful that Sweetwater hosted the one charity event we did a couple years back. At that event, we raised $100 so a needy family could have gifts that Christmas. I wish their owners good luck in whatever their future holds.

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Happy Hour at Roxy Restaurant & Bar


Roxy Restaurant & Bar
2381 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825-4748
(916) 489-2000

Web site:


Happy Hour

3 p.m. to close

Tuesday to Sunday
3 to 6 p.m.

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