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Dining News: Firehouse Crawfish to Replace Sapporo Grill


Sapporo Grill has been sold and will become a Firehouse Crawfish, according to a notice required by the state's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

According to ABC license information, Firehouse Crawfish is owned by Trinh Cong Le. Le also owns Firehouse Crawfish in South Sac.

The restaurant specializes in a seafood boil where diners select a seafood, a flavor (original, fusion, lemon pepper, garlic roasted, butter, etc.) and level of spiciness from mild like a rookie to call the fire department. Customers are encouraged to wear a big and eat the food with their hands, though utinsils are also available.

This is how the restaurant describes itself on its Web site:

Firehouse Crawfish is a Sacramento family owned business, we take great pride in using only the finest and freshest ingredients.
We have been happily serving our neighbors since August of 2011.

Our restaurant specializes in crawfish along with other fresh seafood. If you're not in the mood for crawfish, we have a wide variety of seafood with something for everyone. We offer lots of delicious flavors and seasoning options in a fun, casual and friendly atmosphere.

According to the hostess who answered the phone when I called on Tuesday evening, Sapporo Grill is expected to stay open through mid-January.

Sapporo Grill, which first opened in 2009, can be found at 1118 16th St. and can be found online at

Previously: Sapporo Grill Closed temporarily by Health Department in 2012

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Dining Deals: Sapporo Grill, Pour House

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Daily Dining News: Sapporo Grill Closed by Health Department


Sapporo Grill was closed yesterday due accumulating 4 or more yellow placards in a two year period, according to the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (commonly known as the health department). It is expected to reopen today.

When the county comes out to inspect a restaurant, they can give a green, yellow or red placard. A green card means the level of compliance was "acceptable." A yellow placard means that violations were observed that required immediate correction and a follow-up inspection that will be conducted within 24 to 72 hours. A red placard is given for two reasons. The first is that there is an imminent danger to public health or safety. Examples of this would be cockroaches, rats, a lack of hot water or sewage issues. The second reason a red placard is given is as a punishment for multiple and repeated lessor violations, generally meaning four or more yellow or red placards in the last 24 months.

Sapporo Grill was closed yesterday due to the second reason - multiple, lessor violations. The inspector did not find any immediate danger to public health or safety such as rats or cockroaches at their most recent inspection in mid May, but at the order of an administrative judge, they were ordered closed for one day for receiving multiple yellow placards.

For those who think this is a harsh punishment for a restaurant, the county says they provide multiple chances for a restaurant to avoid this fate. After a yellow placard is issued, restaurants are offered classes on food safety, training for their entire staff and even meetings with the county to discuss specific steps that can be taken to correct food safety issues. The level of training they receive depends on how many violations they've received.

When contacted for comment yesterday, the woman speaking for Sapporo Grill said only that the restaurant was closed for cleaning and would be reopen tomorrow. (A sign on their door yesterday said they were closed for a private event.)

If you've read the county's online reports, almost all restaurants have some sort of violation. (BTW: Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Don't read the reports for your favorite restaurant unless you really want to know.) Last year, even La Bonne Soupe Cafe, then run by Daniel Pont, was given a red placard for a cockroach infestation. It happens to even the most meticulous and careful chefs. Click here to search the county's food inspection reports.

The County says that any restaurant open for business and selling food has passed inspection. Despite their one day closure yesterday, I plan to continue eating at Sapporo Grill.

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