Selland's Market Cafe

Dining News: Selland's Market Cafe Coming to Broadway


In a surprise move, Selland's Market Cafe will come to Broadway instead of The Kitchen, reports Sonya Sorich in the Sac Biz Journal.

But on Tuesday, Selland said he's "never really been in a hurry to move The Kitchen." Conversations with customers, many of whom have requested a Selland's Market Cafe location in the Land Park or Curtis Park areas, reinforced his decision to put the cafe on Broadway. Money didn't play a role in the decision, he said.

Compared to The Kitchen, the cafe has potential to bring even more traffic to Broadway, according to Selland. The Kitchen is currently open five nights a week, for dinner service only. Selland's Market Cafe has a more casual setup and is open seven days a week, offering lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.

Read the entire story in Sac Biz Journal.

I think this is a great move. In the 15 years I've lived in Sacramento, I've only been lucky to eat at The Kitchen twice. But I can see myself eating at Selland's Market Cafe more often than I should. It's affordable, accessible and for those who work Downtown, convenient. I can't wait for it to open in September.

When it opens, the third outpost of Selland's Market Cafe will be located at 915 Broadway, and can be found online at

More News:

Sushi bar vandalism being probed - Last month’s late-night vandalism incident at midtown’s Tamaya Sushi Bar & Grill is now the subject of a Sacramento Police Department investigation, according to the leasing manager for the property. Mary Mesa said this week she’s been informed that an investigator has been assigned to look into the incident that happened the evening of Dec. 3 after former operators of the business lost their lease. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee. (Second item.)

Small plates, big feasts: SN&R takes some tasty bites out of the local dim sum scene - Cart after cart stops by the table, showcasing bamboo baskets, plump dumplings, various fried things and other mysteries. This is dim sum, the Chinese alternative to brunch that’s way more fun, interactive and affordable. It’s kind of like Spanish tapas—instead of alcohol, you consume tea—with lots of small plates meant for sharing. For what feels like an extravagant feast, you’ll probably spend $10 to $15 per person. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

Extremely good enough: Shabu Extreme Tea House and Restaurant - The only thing extreme might be the prices for a meal I essentially cooked myself (shabu, for all intents and purposes, is Japanese fondu) and could have accomplished at home for a fraction of the price. This isn’t to say I’m giving Shabu Extreme a poor review. I had a fine enough time, was pleased with the food and left full. It’s getting a solid three-and-a-half star rating, which translates to better-than-good-but-not-great. Garrett McCord in Sac News & Review.

Italian Meets Californian - “FARM TO FORK” IS BEING REPLACED BY A NEW BUZZ PHRASE: PROOF OF CONCEPT. It means that a restaurant is successful and can be replicated in other places. In other words, it’s scalable, another business-school buzzword familiar to anyone who watches TV’s “Shark Tank.” It’s no longer enough to dream of opening a single restaurant and running it for 30 or so years. These days, many restaurant owners hope to hit on The Next Big Thing, like Chipotle or Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack. With proof of concept, they can find deep-pocketed investors willing to help them expand their business. Here in Sacramento, a few restaurant folks are working away on their proof of concept. (Think roadhouse burgers and poké.) One local restaurant is already well on its way to proving its concept: Hot Italian. Marybeth Bizjak in Sac Mag.

Seen in Natomas: Second Domino’s Location - Domino’s added a second location in Natomas last month. The new pizza delivery and pickup store is located at 4401 Gateway Park Boulevard, next door to the U.S. Post Office. On The Natomas Buzz.

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Dining News: Sellands, Paragary, Lowbrau & Star Ginger Coming to Golden 1 Center


Continuing its commitment to support local businesses, the Sacramento Kings and Legends Hospitality announced the initial set of restaurants that will serve fans as they attend events at the future home of the Kings.

Local businesses will include:

  • Paragary Restaurant Group, with brands Centro, Paragary's and Cafe Bernardo likely serving Centro Street Tacos featuring corn tortillas handmade on the concourse, Paragary’s wood fired pizzas and Café Bernardo burgers and shakes.
  • Selland Family Restaurants, likely serving Wood fired pizza with chicken, bacon, goat cheese, jalapeños, mozzarella, parmesan and arugula. 
  • Lowbrau, likely serving Housemade bratwurst with bier cheese and duck fat fries.
  • Star Ginger, likely serving Thai BBQ chicken banh mi sandwich with sriracha aioli, pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro and jalapeño.

First, the new arena deserves credit for adding local restaurants into the mix for in-arena dining. I hope the restaurants offer arena-exclusive items that you can't get at their regular restaurant. If I want a standard banh mi from Star Ginger, it'll be more convenient and cheaper to get it at her storefront. The next level will be dishes that can only be purchased at the arena.

What went unsaid today is what restaurants will be near the arena. Many restaurant insiders fear that you may be able to eat at Selland's inside the arena, but will be stuck eating at Hooters or ESPN Zone before or after the game. I hope the Kings continue their commitment to local restaurants as they fill in the space around the arena also.

More News:

Chicago Fire pizzeria chain sails along with Windy City flavor - Schnetz is the 48-year-old CEO and corporate chef of West of Chicago Restaurants Inc. In 2003, he opened his first Chicago Fire pizzeria on Folsom’s historic Sutter Street. Today, his company also oversees Chicago Fire restaurants in midtown Sacramento, Roseville and in the Palladio at Broadstone shopping complex south of downtown Folsom. Combined, the eateries employ about 230. In February, Schnetz plans to open a fifth local Chicago Fire outlet in Elk Grove. Beyond that, he’s contemplating pizzerias in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and locales outside California. Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

Starbucks unexpectedly closes downtown store ... and plans more alcohol sales in region - In other Starbucks news: here's an update on plans to offer alcohol at additional Sacramento-area Starbucks stores. Multiple locations have already applied to sell beer and wine. According to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's website, some of the most recent applications include stores at 4033 Cavitt Stallman Road in Granite Bay and 1790 Auburn Ravine Road in Auburn. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Mahoroba Bakery Featured On Public Television - Mahar­­oba Japanese Bakery was recently featured on Public Television’s A Few Great Bakeries. I caught it the other night on KVIE. Yes, I’m a supporter of public television and local businesses. Mahoroba in Sacramento was prominently featured along with some of the finest ba­­­keries in the United States. From the Columbus Baking Company in Syracuse, New York to the Minerva Bakery in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania. Greg Brown on SacramentoLand.

September is Food Literacy Month! - It's a big month for my friends over at the Food Literacy Center. It's Food Literacy Month! That means a lot of activities and money from Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Weeks helping them out. Oh, and they are busy voting for Veggie of the Year too. Catherine Enfield on Munchie Musings.

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Dining News: Goldfield, replacing Hamburger Patties, to Open by Aug. 1

Goldfield Trading Post, the country bar and restaurant by Ace of Spades and Tank House, announced that it will have its opening weekend on Aug. 1 and Aug. 2.

The bar and music venue will be led by Ace of Spades and Assembly's Bret Bair and Eric Rushing, and Tank House's Tyler Williams. The food, per the Sac Bee, will be "Americana-style comfort foods and rotisserie chicken."


The restaurant replaces Hamburber Patties, which closed in September 2013.

Goldfield will be located at 1630 J St., and can be found online at

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Cafe Plan B: Old-school fancy pants - Strangely, duck confit is served as an appetizer, but it could easily be a whole meal, as it comes with flageolet beans. Reader, put down this paper and go chase down that bone-sucking-good duck immediately. Exquisitely soft flesh, flavorful beans, and duck skin so crisp it puts any potato chip to shame. Garrett McCord in Sac News & Review.

Blackbird. Kitchen + Beer Gallery - Girls on the Grid was invited to lunch with Demetri Gregorakis, the general manager of Blackbird. Kitchen + Beer Gallery.  We were familiar with the location and Blackbird as a downtown restaurant, but with the reopening and restructuring of the establishment we were excited to see what Blackbird 2.0 had to offer...We thought the food, ambiance and service was fantastic!  If you haven’t tried them, give them a go and let us know what you think, or if you have checked them out share your experience with us! Chantel Elder & Rachel Smith on Girls on the Grid.

Region has big appetite for food-specific weeks - Here’s a call for someone to organize Sacramento Master Cleanse Week. Just about every month on Sacramento’s calendar features some kind of gut-busting food week, starting in January with the annual Dine Downtown Restaurant Week. Then we get hit in following months with multiday celebrations of bacon (late January), beer (Feburary), and now Negroni Week in June. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Krush Burger to Open Roseville Location in July


Krush Burger will open its third regional location in Roseville in July, a move that it had telegraphed for months.

In January, it opened its second slider-based restaurant in Davis, with its first restaurant opening in January 2013.

Krush Burger is the pioneering Sacramento Food Truck, formerly known as Mini Burger Truck.

More info from the press release:

The new Krush Burger will be located in the Promenade portion of the Galleria between Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and Brooks Brothers. The restaurant will be accesible via its own entrance and include a private dining patio where patrons will be able to enjoy Krush Burger's classic menu and assortment of local beer and wine on tap. 

The restaurant, located directly behind one of the Galleria's main parking structures, will make parking and accesing the restaurant quick and convenient.

You can also read the Sac Biz Journal's report.

More News:

Koreana Plaza and International Food Court - One of my favorite memories of going to the Philippines was going to the food courts they have in shopping centers.  These aren't like American food courts with McDonald's and Sbarro.  These are similar to ones you find throughout Asia where individual vendors have small stands selling their specialty.  There's a grandma over here making rice cakes and over there is an auntie who has special skewers. The next stall over is a girl making halo halo or selling pastries.  Each one is independent and as close to homemade as you can get in a shopping center. When I read last week in the Bee that Allen Pierleoni had gone to Koreana Plaza for the International food court, I had to check it out too.  I really hoped it might be similar to the kind I remembered. It wasn't, but it was still pretty good. Catherine Enfield on Munchie Musings.

Family-owned deli and store offers unique imports - Customer Jack Warren has shopped at Corti Brothers for nearly 50 years and said the market has stayed consistent in having good products and he has learned a lot about wine from Darrell Corti. “I learned that Darrell knows more about wine than anybody in the United States,” Warren said. “I once had a bottle of wine that I told Darrell was a 1929 third growth with a split and he said I didn’t, that it was a 1927 because 1929 was the depression and they didn’t make one [then]. He was right [and I] never doubted him since.” Erika Bradley in the Sac State Hornet.

VIDEO: Dishin' With Tina: Maalouf's - On this Dishin' With Tina, Tina is out to lunch at Marianne McClary's favorite place to grab a bite: Maalouf's! On Good Day Sac.

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Dining News: Crawdad's May Become 'River’s Premiere Party Spot'


When I travel to other cities, I marvel at what a destination their river front is. Even a mid-tier city like Milwaukee has a great river front for people to dine at, stroll and enjoy.

Even with the revitalization of Crawdads's, we're not there yet, but we're one step closer.

Here's the First Impression from the Sac Bee's Chris Macias:

Is it just a matter of time before someone takes a belly flop into the river? Given the combination of hearty food and drink, and a space reinvigorated with new ownership that specializes in good times, Crawdad’s could re-establish itself as the Sacramento River’s premiere party spot.

Try it if:

You miss Pechal’s Capitol Burger, or fancy an uptempo place to sip on cocktails that come with mini umbrellas.

Read the entire review in the Sac Bee.

Other Sacramento food writers have commented on the new venue via Twitter. Here's a sample:

Just checked out Crawdad's Cantina on the river, gorgeous space, revamped menu, cool furnishings, what's not to like? Opens Friday night.

— allen pierleoni (@apierleonisacbe) March 13, 2014


Long lunch on the river. #Crawdads. @ChefAdamPechal & crew drew me back to river after 20 years of not wanting to dine among river drunks.

— Ed Murrieta (@edmurrieta) March 15, 2014

I have yet to make it out there, but I hope to in the next week or so. If you've been, please share what your experience was in the comments below.

Crawdad's is located at 1375 Garden Hwy, and can be found online at

More News:

Coffee house planned for retail space at 7th and H building - The first-floor retail spaces at the affordable housing high-rise at 7th and H streets in downtown Sacramento are starting to fill up. In addition to a health clinic that’s already established, a coffee house called TurnAround will open within the next two months in a 1,500-square-foot space, with a bent toward helping the same sort of people who are living on the floors above. Ben van der Meer in Sac Biz Journal.

Passmore Ranch hires former manager of Feeding Crane Farms - Many in the local culinary community were disappointed in the demise of Feeding Crane Farms, which burst onto the Sacramento scene as an urban organic farm with all kinds of progressive ideas. While the farm didn’t last, for various reasons, the work of its manager, Shannin Stein, had an impact on many. Stein initially landed at Broderick Roadhouse, but recently signed on for a new gig at Passmore Ranch, the sustainable aquaculture fish farm in Sloughhouse. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Strings Urban Kitchen opening Friday at Capitol Towers - The cocktail program was designed by Joe Anthony Savala, former beverage manager of Zocalo, with signature drinks named after Rat Pack members (i.e. the “Frank Sinatra” with rye whiskey, vermouth and Campari; a vodka cooler called the “Dean Martin”). If the name “Strings Urban Kitchen” is too much of a mouthful, the proprietors suggest using the acronym “SUK” - really. Their logo features prominent “SUK” lettering accompanied by a twisty forkful of pasta. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Cafe a Cote to Replace Gallagher's at 12th & K


Last week, we found out that Brasserie Capitale will replace The Broiler. But the owner of The Broiler also ran Gallagher's across the lobby from The Broiler. Now, we know what will happen with the other half of that restaurant equation.

A new cafe is set to open a block away from the Capitol in the space that previously housed Gallagher's Irish Pub at 1201 K Street...Aziz Belarbi-Salah, who co-owns Aioli restaurant with his father, plans to open Café À Côté this summer. "We plan to serve morning coffee and pastries, bistro-style lunches and wine in the evening," said Belarbi-Salah.

Read the entire entry in the Capitol Morning Report (subscription required).

More News:

Sam’s Kosher Style deli in Fair Oaks closing on St. Patrick’s Day - Sam’s Kosher Style Restaurant & Deli in Fair Oaks, known for its super-size sandwiches and local roots stretching back more than 50 years, will close at the end of business next Monday, St. Patrick’s Day. Owner Bruce Blackman, 70, cited personal and health reasons for closing the business, adding: “St. Patrick’s Day has always been my best day, so I thought I might as well go out with a bang." Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

More cupcake shops for Sacramento? - A baker featured on the Food Network thinks there's room for more cupcake shops in the Sacramento market. Arleen Scavone, CEO and founder of Sweet Arleen's, wants to bring two of her cupcake shops to the Sacramento region within the next two years. She said she's especially interested in potential locations in Roseville, Citrus Heights and North Highlands. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Hand-crafted food prepared with fresh and local ingredients - Selland’s Market-Café, on the corner of H Street and El Dorado Way, stays true to its name by combining a fresh marketplace feel with a warm and friendly café. Kelly Tao and Daisy Aguilar in the Sac State Hornet.

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Dining News: Crawdads to Reopen on March 14


Crawdads River Cantina, the newest venture by former Tuli Chef Adam Pechal and Bar West owner Trevor Shultz, will open on March 14.

Originally opened in 1986, the restaurant changed hands recently, and the new team originally hoped to open by March 1. It now appears the opening date has slipped by a couple weeks - a very common occurrence among new restaurants.

A Cowtown Eats source has been to the restaurant as they've fine tuned their recipes, and I'm hearing great things. Joining Chef Pechal to oversee the kitchen is Paul Caravelli, a fellow contestant on the first season of ABC's The Taste. Word is that he's a dessert specialist, and will work well to compliment Chef Pechal.

Crawdad's is located at 1375 Garden Hwy, and can be found online at

More News:

French cuisine coming to K Street - The new business, to be called Brasserie Capitale, will be owned and operated by the owners of Aioli, the tapas restaurant on L Street in midtown that will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year. While full details are still in the works, the chef will be Christophe Cornet, a classically trained French chef from the Bordeaux region who has experience at a Michelin two-star restaurant in France and was the private chef for the Maloof brothers, the former owners of the Sacramento Kings. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Dine Downtown raises more than $15K for food literacy - The ninth annual Dine Downtown Restaurant Week in Sacramento this January raised $15,345 for children’s food literacy. Dine Downtown ran from Jan. 8-17, offering fixed-price meals at a wide variety of Sacramento restaurants for $31. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

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