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15 Most Popular Happy Hours of June 2015

Cowtown_Eats_Logo_2015Here are the 15 most popular Sacramento happy hours of June 2015 (based on page views) on Cowtown Eats:

  1. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse (Last month's rank: 1)
  2. Zocalo (Last month's rank: 2)
  3. Bento Box (Last month's rank: 3)
  4. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (Last month's rank: 6)
  5. Chicago Fire (Last month's rank: 4)
  6. Fat's Asia Bistro (Last month: Unranked)
  7. Chevy's Fresh Mex - On the River (Last month's rank: 9)
  8. 33rd St. Bistro (Last month's rank: 5)
  9. Burgers & Brew (Last month's rank: 10)
  10. Lucca Restaurant (Last month's rank: 8)
  11. 3 Fires Lounge (Last month's rank: 13)
  12. Firestone Public House (Last month's rank: 7)
  13. Cheesecake Factory (Last month's rank: 11)
  14. Paesanos (Last month's rank: 12)
  15. Shady Lady Saloon (Last month: Unranked)

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Dining News: RIP - Chef's Olive Mix on L Street Has Closed


Chef's Olive Mix's new second location at 1019 L Street has closed, but its Old Sacramento location remains open.

In a short interview over the weekend, owner Lisa Psakaly said that the location was forced to close due to regulatory burdens.

Because the L street location was an offshoot of the existing Old Sac location, Psakaly's plan was to drive the olive oil bottles and spouts from the Dowtown to Old Sac locations nightly for cleaning and refilling.

However, the Health Department required that she have a three compartment sink, a hand sink and a mop sink installed to do the cleaning on site downtown.

Psakaly says that the equipment would have cost $18,000 to install in the very small store.

At that point, she says she was pushed over the edge and the store was closed.

Chef's Olive Mix remains open at 131 J Street in Old Sac and can be found online at

More News:

Maalouf’s closed; diners rushed for one last taste of Lebanon - In the last few years, Maalouf’s father has had two heart attacks and a stroke. His daughter blames the demands of his work, standing at the kitchen’s grill five days a week for 13 years with no vacation. Abdul Maalouf has said for years that he would sell his business, she said, and when a couple of Chicago businessmen recently came to him with a second offer, he accepted it. The new owners plan to offer Middle Eastern cuisine at the same location. Cathie Anderson in Sac Bee.

Paragary's reopens, is beautiful - The space looks amazing—and amazingly different. What once felt like a dark pub is now open and bright, with higher ceilings, larger windows and a Parisian flair. Randy Paragary’s wife Stacy was highly involved in the design, inspired by travels to create a “riff on a French bistro meets English pub meet California modern,” she said. Floor tiles came from Vietnam; modern light fixtures from Los Angeles and Montreal; the walnut hostess stand is actually made from the restaurant’s old walls. The fireplace is gone; instead, indoor diners can appreciate a view of the still-gorgeous patio. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

Sacramento bar up for national industry award - Joining venues in cities such as New York and Chicago, Sacramento's Shady Lady Saloon is among 10 nominees for one of the cocktail industry's major awards. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

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Dining News: Owner of Izakaya Daikoku Changes Restaurant Concept, Sells Akebono


Izakaya Daikoku has closed and will become Ramen House Raijin, according to a sign posted on their door Saturday afternoon.

(H/T to Chris Macias, who first posted on Twitter that something was up with the restaurant.)

Ramen House Raijin should not be confused with nearby Ramen House Ryujin in the Safeway Parking lot, by the same owner.


Izakaya Daikoku originally opened on Oct. 1, 2014, and I loved it because for its okonomiyakai, a sort of Japanese fried pancake. Unfortunately, subsequent visits showed that my enthusiasm for the place wasn't widely shared by the general restaurant-going public.

The Sac Bee's Ed Fletcher has a little more on the closing:

Restaurateur Sai Wong...said the new place is “going to be a different style (of ramen). More spicy. More fire...”

Wong said the restaurant, in a space formerly occupied by Sweetwater Restaurant and Bar, was doing well, but the business model wasn’t for him. He said he worried about people overconsuming sake.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

While we're talking about restaurants by Wong, he sold Akebono last month, according to their liquor license (which records ownership transfers). The new owners are Han Young Lee.

The woman who picked up the phone on Sunday afternoon at Akebono says the restaurant will remain the same under the new ownership.

Ramen House Raijin will be located at 1901 S Street.

More News:

Dos Coyotes Opening Date - Dos Coyotes Border Cafe on R Street finally has an opening date. A sign outside the building says it will hold its grand opening on June 16. It's one of the businesses that fills a renovated building at 15th and R streets. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Evan’s Kitchen will host ‘Bon Appetit’ wine-pairing dinner - Now he’s presenting “Bon Appétit,” a multi-course meal with a French accent. It’s planned from 6 to 9 p.m. June 15 for $75 per person, with reservations at (916) 452-3896. Evan’s Kitchen is at 855 57th St., Sacramento, in the Antiques Mall. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Paragary's Restaurant Preview - Walking into the newly rebuilt Paragary’s Restaurant, it is undoubtedly recognizable as the masterpiece of Sacramento restaurateur, Randy Paragary. The strikingly contrasted exterior dons the name in bronze, proudly proclaiming ‘Est. 1983 Midtown Sacramento’. Approaching the bar you feel compelled to order that expensive scotch your hipster friend told you about, just in case Don Draper himself happens to turn up in the next seat. And you can let out a sigh of relief when your plates hit the table and you realize that this spot is exactly everything it’s been cracked up to be. Tyler Stacy on The City Scouts.

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Dining News: Sacramento Chefs Discuss Sac Bee's Food Coverage


Jason Azevedo, the executive sous chef at Esquire Grill and formerly at Mighty Tavern, started out with the observation that there wasn't much local news in this week's Food and Wine section of the Sac Bee.

That set off a lengthy Facebook discussion with (among others):

  • Chris Macias, former Sac Bee food writer who now is a "Critic-at-Large"at the Bee
  • Adam Pechal, formerly of Tuli Bistro who is working on a new East Sac restaurant
  • Scott Ostrander, the chef de cuisine at the new Paragary's Midtown
  • Erick Avila, whose Facebook profile says he's the sous chef at Kru
  • Nick Dedier, managing partner at Aji Japanese Bistro in El Dorado Hills
  • Keith Breedlove, chef at the Culinerdy Cruizer food truck

In the end, Chef Pechal probably summed it up best in his comment.

I think it's great when chefs and media can have open dialog about this stuff. It's healthy and it's good for everyone. Keep up the good work gang!

Click here for the entire thread.

More News:

Shady Lady nominated for national bar award - With a reaction similar to shooting overproof whiskey, the Shady Lady team was knocked back and happy to hear news that their bar is up for one of the cocktail industry’s largest awards. On Monday, the R Street establishment received word it had been nominated for “Best American High Volume Cocktail Bar” in the 2015 Spirited Awards. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Six ways to get your sugar fix - D'oh! National Doughnut Day rolled around again on Friday, June 5. In case you're unprepared, we’ve baked up a list of six sweet spots around town where you can celebrate this hole-y holiday. Featuring Baker's Donuts, Danny's Mini Donuts, Marie's Donuts and The Parlor. Jason Pham in Sactown Mag.

12 ideas for Father’s Day feasting - Mother’s Day may be a time for Sunday brunches at fancy restaurants and mimosas, but Father’s Day tends to be a time for dressing down, grabbing a beer and a pizza, or forking cold chili from the pot while leaning over the kitchen sink. In that spirit, we offer places Dad might enjoy if he’s got a hunger goin’ and prefers homey over haute. Note: It’s always wise to call first for days and hours. We’ve alphabetized this recommended list. Featuring Broderick Roadhouse, Field House, Limelight, 36 Handles and T&R Taste of Texas. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Vic's Cafe Plans to Serve Beer and Wine in New Year


Vic's Cafe, the addition to the beloved ice cream parlor next door, has applied for a license to sell beer and wine, Cowtown Eats learned in a visit over the weekend.

The cafe, not yet a year old, plans to expand its evening business by serving alcohol. Since its opening, it has expanded from a very limited menu serving just coffee and breakfast pastries to lunch items such as wraps. This is the latest in their expansion plans, although they are not yet sure if they will expand their hours.

As a neighborhood resident, I'm very excited for another venue to grab a beer or a glass of wine within walking distance. Just a week ago, a group of friends and I had dinner at Masullo and wanted another after dinner drink, but felt guilty taking up table space with a line of diners waiting to eat. Nearby Riverside Clubhouse wasn't a real option since their bar is always busy on the weekend. We settled on Iron Grill, an adequate choice, but with a limited wine list.

Per the store personnel, the public notice has to be up at least 3 months before they can start serving alcohol. The posting went up on Oct. 20, which means that the end of January is the earliest they can start serving beer and wine. The type of liquor they've applined for will not allow Vic's to serve hard liquor.

I hope the Vic's Cafe team builds a great wine and beer program. The demographics of the neighborhood would certainly support a sophisticated and unique menu.

I can't wait to finally have a place that I can walk home from after several drinks.

Vic's Cafe is located at 3193 Riverside Blvd., and can be found online at

More News:

Shady Lady owners take over Monte Carlo Club - One of Sacramento’s oldest bars will debut in February with a new name and ownership team. The owners of Shady Lady Saloon at 14th and R streets – Jason Boggs, Alex Origoni and Garrett Van Vleck – have taken over the Monte Carlo Club a block away at 15th and S streets. The bar, which is undergoing a remodel, will debut in February with a new name, B-Side. Bret Bair, co-owner of Ace of Spades music club and Goldfield Trading Post, serves as the landlord. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Streets of London changes owners, but fish ’n’ chips stay great - The recent newspaper ad caught our attention: “Keep calm. We are under new ownership.” Egad! Nobody called to tell us. Turns out the time-tested Streets of London Pub has simplified its name to Streets, expanded its menu and slicked-up its logo to show profiles of Sacramento’s Tower Bridge and the Tower Bridge in London. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - I have loved sandwiches since I was a little kid.  Growing up in Ireland, my Mom always made me a packed lunch to take to school, a tradition she continued well into my high school years.  Everyone at school knew about my mom’s sandwiches, and she would often make me extras to share with “the boarders”—the students who lived in dormitory during the week and supplemented their cafeteria diet with large quantities of sugary snacks from the tuck shop.  The best sandwich my mom made, (and I’m hoping she will make when I visit over the holidays, wink!) is the roast chicken sandwich, which includes white and dark meat, sausage stuffing, arugula, mayonnaise, and a few slivers of red onion.  This was usually served on a perfectly fresh and crunchy French baguette.  I think because my mother is an artist and interior designer, she can’t help but express her superior understanding of the intricacies of flavor and texture and proportion even when making a humble sandwich. Featuring Dad's Sandwiches, Cafe Rolle, Corti Brothers, Juno's Deli & Mr. Pickles. Laurn Norton on Girls on the Grid.

Try It: Evan's Kitchen & Catering - Tuck into the kitchen’s superb omelets (I’m partial to the rib-sticking “Evan’s Favorite,” packed full of ground beef, spinach and mushrooms and doused with chunky country gravy) or choose from a delectable selection of creative Benedicts (don’t miss the indulgent version prepared with crab cakes). Other starring dishes include a rustic, fabulous housemade corned beef hash; and the cinnamon-kissed Texas-style French toast. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Drought-defying tomato harvest breaks California record - In a year when most commodities saw declines in production, the tomato crop was 16 percent larger than last year. It surpassed the old record of 13.3 million tons harvested in 2009, according to the California Tomato Growers Association. Dale Kasler in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Trail's Restaurant Sold, to Remain a Restaurant


Trail's Restaurant at 21st and Broadway and the land it sits on has been sold, and the new owners say they intend to keep it a restaurant, reports Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

The restaurant and its property went up for sale in the spring for $500,000. Cole Miller, the real estate broker for the restaurant, says a prospective buyer has been found. The space is expected to remain a restaurant, and is currently in a “soft escrow” phase. More details about the buyer and future plans will be revealed, perhaps by next week, as the transaction moves along.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

Earlier this week, the owners announced they would close Trail's sometime in September via Reddit.

More News:

University of Beer a fine place to learn about brew, but needs kinks worked out - University of Beer has promise but needs work. The bar and restaurant opened in late July on 16th Street in midtown, and is still working out its kinks. My experience there was a mix of ups and downs, which ultimately left me feeling like I may wait a while to return. Andrea Thompson in Sac Biz Journal.

Cool down with a trio of warm-weather cocktails at Shady Lady - With the weather heating up and Midtown Cocktail Week in full swing, cool down with a new iced drink from Shady Lady Saloon, which was recently named one of the 25 best bars in America by Esquire. The bar makes a splash with these three new summer sippers. Jessica Rine in Sactown Magazine.

New Seafood Eatery in the Works for Natomas - Work on a new restaurant is under way in Natomas. Co-owner Vincent Dang said he is hopeful Asian N’ Cajun will open as soon as late September or October. On Natomas Buzz.

SusieCakes plans to open bakery at Pavilions - A Southern California company thinks people in the Sacramento region still have an appetite for new bakeries. SusieCakes will open its first Sacramento region bakery early next year, according to Jessica Zuk, marketing manager for the company. It will be located in Arden-Arcade's Pavilions shopping center, Zuk said. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Roseville businessman hopes to write comeback story with ASR Restaurant - Longtime Roseville resident Harwinder Bisla, the man who built Bisla’s sports bar near Sacramento State, is investing $3 million to build the upscale ASR Restaurant & Lounge in Roseville. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

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Top 15 Happy Hours of July 2014


The 15 most popular Sacramento happy hours of July 2014 on were:

  1. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse (Last month's rank: 1)
  2. Chevy's Fresh Mex - On the River (Last month's rank: 6)
  3. Bento Box (Last month's rank: 2)
  4. Lucca Restaurant (Last month's rank: 3)
  5. Firestone Public House (Last month's rank: 4)
  6. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (Last month's rank: 5)
  7. Buffalo Wild Wings (Last month's rank: 8)
  8. Chicago Fire (Last month's rank: 10)
  9. Pour House (Last month's rank: 12)
  10. Zocalo (Last month's rank: 14)
  11. Hook & Ladder (Last month's rank: 7)
  12. Blackbird Kitchen & Beer Gallery (Last month's rank: 9)
  13. Fat's Asia Bistro (Last month: Unranked)
  14. Shady Lady Saloon (Last month's rank: 11)
  15. Chili's Bar & Grill (Last month's rank: 13)

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