Daily Dining News: SactoMoFo 5 is Tomorrow


Time to get excited! Tomorrow's SactoMoFo 5, located at 6th & X, will bring together 30 mobile food vendors from all over Sacramento and the Northern California region.

For SactoMoFo 4, I offered some tips, but after giving it some more thought, I've decided to revise them a little.

Parking: There's plenty of street parking around there. But if you've ever tried to go to the Farmer's market on Sunday mornings, you know parking may be tough. I suggest parking around Southside Park or on Broadway. You'll have to walk a block or two, but you won't be fighting the crowds. Don't forget to bring change. You'll probably still have to pay for parking if you find a metered spot.

Be Early Late: I was early to SactoMoFo 4, and all that got me was a long line. In talking to Ms. Munchie, she says that the shortest lines were in the late afternoon before dinner. While some trucks may be out of popular items, at least you don't have to wait in a 45 min line.

Be Strategic: It's impossible to eat at all the trucks on Saturday, so it's important that you don't waste 30 mins waiting in line for a truck that swings by you work once a week. I plan on hitting up the out of town trucks since I've never had them before.

Bring Friends: It's impossible to eat that much food. Bring 3 friends and split up to get your food. Then meet back and try a little of everything. Think of it as a tapas or dim sum style lunch.

Bring Cash: Most of the vendors have the ability to accept credit cards. But may not, and you don't want to have to wait in line for 45 mins only to find out that the truck doesn't accept plastic.

Bring Water: It's going to be hot.

More News:

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