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Dining News: Whired Wine at 4th & L Sets Opening Date


Whired Wine whose name is a combination of both WHIte and RED wines, is scheduled to open on Feb. 8, it announced on Facebook late last week.
Sactown Magazine's Tori Masucci Cummins fills in some of the details:

San Francisco restaurateur John Marco and his wife Vicky transformed the intimate space, a former jewelry store, into a wine bar with a modern, industrial vibe and chic details like a central chandelier and colorful paintings by local artists such as Rafael Delgado, and a moniker that combines “white” and “red...”

To that end, Whired Wine will be serving up local craft beers, selections of sake and a small plates menu that includes a panini with brie, pear and prosciutto, or a cheese and charcuterie board with choices like Tartufo salami and Point Reyes Farmstead cheese. Chef Cecil Rhodes, who runs Cecil's Taste Food Truck and formerly served as head chef at Bella Bru in Carmichael, will helm the kitchen.

Read the entire story in Sactown Mag.

2016 will be a very busy year for the blocks adjacent to the arena. I expect many, many other restaurants to open by the time the Kings play their first game at the Golden One Center this Fall.

Whired Wine is located at 410 L Street, and can be found online at

* Photo via their Facebook page.

More News:

Confidential: Secret menu, Mother - “You should order our kimchi fries.” This is what chef Matt Masera at Mother tells me. Sure. But they’re not on the menu. “They’re on the secret menu.” Nick Miller in Sac News & Review.

Capitol Garage - The popular downtown restaurant debuted a new menu Jan. 18 replete with vegetarian and vegan options. Head chef Raphael Kendall (whose own vegan diet inspired the menu) is dishing out new meatless options like zucchini noodles with roasted carrots, red pepper, and chimichurri, or the carrot hash, topped with sautéed broccoli, rainbow chard and fried eggs. Tori Masucci Cummins and Anna Petkovich in Sactown Mag.

Flatland Brewing Company - This new brewery is set to open Jan. 22 in Elk Grove, replacing Handcraft Brewing Company. With six rotating taps, Flatland’s brews will include a double IPA, an imperial stout, the malty Bavarian Copper, the spicy Czech hop-based saison coined Uprising, and the rich, fruit-flavored Royal Quail with caramel and chocolate. Tori Masucci Cummins and Anna Petkovich in Sactown Mag. (Second Item.)

Police: Man Denied Sandwich at Subway Returns to Assault Employees, Smash Window - Sacramento Police say a man who was denied service at a Subway restaurant returned moments later with some friends to smash a window and attack its employees. According to officers, the man was denied service when trying to buy a sandwich at the Del Paso Boulevard and El Camino Avenue store Sunday evening. He returned a short time later with several other people. Ian McDonald on FOX 40.

Happy Hour Hound: Duke's Plates and Pints - Located on La Sierra Drive, near Watt Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard, Duke’s Plates and Pints is ready to cater to any football fan, hungry patron or happy hour hound. Duke’s is a casual bar that is small enough for you to grab a quick bite by yourself but big enough to meet with your crew on game day. Amy Serna in Submerge Mag.

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Dining News: Coconut Midtown Closed Temporarily by Health Department

Coconut midtown

The Coconut Thai restaurant was closed for more than a week by county health inspectors as a result of multiple failed inspections that found "vermin and animal contamination" violations.

County of Sacramento health inspectors first closed the restaurant on Thursday, Nov. 12 for multiple violations, including vermin and animal contamination. It reinspected the restaurant on Friday, Nov. 13, and continued to find vermin and animal contamination.  (Note: I would link to the actual reports, but it appears that the county's Web site displaying these documents is down and has been broken for the last several days.)

A week later, inspectors again failed the restaurant on Friday, Nov. 20 after finding vermin and animal contamination. Finally, on Nov. 25 - nearly two weeks after it was initially closed - health inspectors allowed the restaurant to reopen.

This is the second high profile restaurant to be closed by health officials in the last month. Earlier this week, Cowtown Eats wrote about a downtown La Bou location that was forced to close for a day.

The Coconut has been lauded by critics for its bold flavors. Here's a snippet from Garrett McCord's January 2014 review in Sac News & Review:

Cream-cheese wontons aren’t the epitome of culinary Southeast Asian traditions, but damn it if they aren’t delightful. Soft cream cheese and chives in a crispy wrapper and served with a sweet chili sauce? There is nothing wrong with that, and The Coconut recognizes this...

The Coconut has made a place for itself in Midtown. Whereas Thai Basil is a practice in subtlety and expertly crafted seasonal specials, The Coconut is brash and unapologetic with flavor profiles. However, I would venture the kitchen is still fine-tuning its dishes. Plus, it delivers in Midtown. That alone should cement it in the hearts of hungry eaters.


Read the entire article in Sac News & Review.

As with other restaurants that have faced similar sanctions by the health department, I'll likely eat there again. In fact, since La Bou was closed last week, I've eaten there twice for lunch.

The Coconut is located at 2502 J Street, and can be found online at

H/T CBS 13.

More News:

Lucky Irish: Almost Famous Irish Coffee, de Vere's Irish Pub - Although it's not the year-round chill chaser needed in San Francisco, the Almost Famous Irish Coffee ($8) from de Vere's is available in summer and, blissfully, winter. Start with a custom coffee blend, lace it liberally with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey and top it with freshly whipped cream. The only dilemma is when to order it. Ann Martin Rolke in Sac News & Review.

Beer cheese: Fondue, The Rind - The Rind recently launched fondue nights on Mondays: get a small pot of traditional Swiss fondue—Gruyere plus white wine—with bite-sized pieces of cauliflower, broccoli, green apple and baguette for $13. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

New dining option in El Dorado Hills Town Center - There's good news for diners at the El Dorado Hills Town Center, which has seen two eateries depart in recent months. Milestone Restaurant opened in the center on Sunday, filling an approximately 3,400-square-foot space across from Bistro 33. The space was previously occupied by Cafe Campanile, which rebranded itself earlier this year and moved to a smaller location in the center. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Uber-style restaurant app catching on in Sacramento area - A Sacramento startup with an Uber-like app is raking in new customers and closing in on a big venture capital deal – thanks to a recent tweak in its business plan. The company, Requested, was launched in March with what its founders thought was a killer smartphone app for the dining industry. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Cooking: Panettone French Toast - Rick Mondermann, store director for Sacramento's iconic Corti Bros. market, stops by to show us how to make some incredible Panettone French Toast. Bethany Crouch on FOX 40.

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Dining News: Another Restaurant Says No to Postmates


Much like Uber and other sharing economy companies, Postmates, while growing quickly, is creating its fair share of enemies along the way.

The latest restaurant to announce it will not take orders from Postmates or other third party delivery companies is The Rind. Here's what they posted on Facebook late last week:

Dear Cheese Fans, due to concerns regarding THIRD PARTY DELIVERY SYSTEMS, including POSTMATES, we will be denying orders via these platforms.

We have recently discovered that Postmates has been delivering our product without our consent, thus delivering at less than the high standards that we believe you deserve. Additionally, we have been BULLIED recently by their representatives in our small restaurant in front of guests and lied to on the phone. This does not represent The Rind.

Yes, we all love a good delivery system, however we made a choice to not deliver in an effort to provide you a consistently delicious and beautiful product. Additionally, because Postmates has us on their platform in part because you love us, it is because we love you that we will have to deny Postmates as a delivery system in order to meet our mission. They may or may not take us off their platform permanently, so I apologize if you see us on it and think we are working with them. We are not.

I have spoken to a representative and was informed that if an order is initiated and then denied, you will not be charged! We apologize for the confusion, and we hope you will continue to support us as we strive to consistently do what we have been doing for the past 2.33 years!

Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Sincerely your cheesiest friends in town,

Sara & Steve

In the comments to that Facebook post, The Rind clarifies that they do allow take out for their food, just not through Postmates and their ilk.

We are happy to do take out to guests and have been since day 1. Giving to a third party loses any assurances of food safety and quality control, thus the primary reasons to focus on giving the food directly to you instead of them. Thank you for understanding.

While I have great respect for the restaurant owners and they can run their business however they want, I'm not sure I understand why they would allow a customer to do take out while not allowing a third party to deliver the food for me.

I understand that there are foods that do well when delivered (burritos, sandwiches, cooked Asian food, etc.) and foods that don't do well (anything raw, charcuterie, cheese plates, etc.). The customer has to understand that when they order from Postmates. If their order is ruined, Postmates is to blame and not the restaurant's fault.

I also hear the argument that food is meant to be eaten the second it's served, but let's be honest - there are many reasons that doesn't happen. A friend will bring pizza over to your house, and it's 20 minutes old when you dig into it. You may grab lunch to eat at your desk, but get an important phone call delays your meal for 30 mins. A co-worker brings in doughnuts and bagles to share with the office and it sits for 2 hours before you see it. It happens all the time, and I don't see a flood of complaints blaming restaurants for the diminished food quality due to the passage of time.

I asked Postmates to comment, and a spokeswoman said that they are acting as an agent of the customer who is requesting a service. In addition, they are driving volume and revenue to restaurants who would otherwise not be able to serve that customer.

Thus far, the list of restaurants that I've seen who won't have said they prefer not to work with Postmates are:

  • The Rind
  • Kru
  • Fish Face Poke Bar (Technically, owner/chef Billy Ngo questioned "the safety of a third party transporting raw fish to customers" but hasn't explicitly said that they won't. I'll check during open hours.)
  • South
  • Mother
  • Pushkin's

Many of the restaurants on that list are very successful and probably don't need the extra revenue. I'll continue to eat in at those restaurants. But for us consumers, we can bring our delivery dollars elsewhere to restaurants who want our business and who will take our money.

Previously: Postmates Not Loved by Many Sacramento Restaurants

* Updated at 10:08 p.m. reflecting uncertainty over Fish Face's status.

More News:

Magpie Cafe: Free bird - In July, Magpie flew its cramped coop on R Street and opened a new location on the corner of 16th and P. The current space is not only larger, but more open, with lots of windows and a high ceiling...Fortunately, many of the stand-out menu items are still available. The California farmstead cheese plate ($16) has always been outstanding. You get five California cheeses paired with fantastic dried figs, fresh seasonal fruit (lately figs and nectarines) and plenty of crisp toasts. Ann Rolke in Sac News & Review.

Hot, hot and cold - Watch out for a new food truck from Hot Italian chef and co-owner Fabrizio Cercatore...It won’t be a mobile Hot Italian, rather, a Passione Pizza truck...Cercatore said he anticipates the food truck allowing him to offer more pizza crusts at events, including whole wheat and gluten-free. He’s currently working on sprouted grain as well. He’s working on a lot. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

The Sommelier & The City: “Let Me Introduce Myself” - Apparently, telling the guy you’re dating you can’t meet up until 1 am on a Tuesday night because your business dinner (with four men in tailored Italian suits) went three hours longer than anticipated (due to copious amounts of rare and very expensive Champagne) doesn’t really go over well. Who could blame this Vino Vixen for NOT turning down free spectacular wine (that costs as much as my monthly salary) with men that have the power to skyrocket my career? Come on, most men can’t even turn down a free room temperate can of Coors Light, let’s keep it real. I digress… to put it simply, dating a Sommelier is hard. Jienna Basaldu on Girls on the Grid.

Eat, drink and give back - Speaking of restaurants, downtown’s Mayahuel is the site of one of the area’s cooler fundraising events: #Network4Cause. One evening nearly every month, the eatery’s banquet room/tequila museum is made available for a different nonprofit organization to bring in guests and generate some cash. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee. (Second item.)

Bloggers conference here in 2016 - Riding the momentum of its burgeoning farm-to-fork reputation, Sacramento has landed the International Food Bloggers Conference – and all of that potential exposure in cyberspace – for July 2016. The conference, which attracts 300-plus attendees who routinely blog, tweet and use other social media to chronicle their food experiences, is considered the latest coup for the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Maria, a Server at Dad's Kitchen, Needs Your Help


We are so excited about this and so grateful to this community for all of the donations that have come through the doors.... Raffle prizes galore!!!!! Hope to see you on Monday for this fabulous event!!!!

Posted by dadskitchen on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maria, a server at Dad's Kitchen, was recently diagnosed with cancer in both her cervix and lymph nodes on either side of her uterus.

The treatment is 30 days of radiation with 5 rounds of chemo to start.

To help her out in her time of need, Dad's Kitchen in Land Park is hosting a fundraiser for her on Monday, Sept. 14.

For just $15, you'll get access to a taco bar and Dad's Kitchen's famous homemade mac & cheese.

The $15 will go directly to support Maria, and the bar will be open for you to purchase beer, wine or kombucha.

According to this Go Fund Me page, Maria "is the kindest, most hard working, and just happiest person on this planet. She has a three year old son, lives in a one bedroom apartment with him, her fiance, works at Dad's Kitchen in Sacramento, and doesn't have a car. Please help us Keep Maria Smiling!"

If you can't attend the event on Monday, you can still help by visiting her Go Fund Me page and donating

Click here for more information about the fundraiser.

Dad's Kitchen is located at 2968 Freeport Blvd., and can be found online at

More News:

California cocktail tax would spike end-of-session mix - The nickel-a-drink levy would be placed on any drink containing distilled spirits sold at bars and restaurants. Tax on beer and wine would remain the same. California has one the nation’s lowest taxes on beer, wine and distilled spirits, and the Legislature has not raised booze levies since 1991. Before 1991, California had not raised its taxes on wine and beer since the 1950s, nor on distilled spirits since 1967. Wholesalers pay the tax, and it is presumed that retailers roll the cost into the price of a drink. Jeremy White in the Sac Bee.

Dollar-Wise Gourmet: Cooking Teachers' Cheap Eats - It’s back-to-school time, prompting The Dollar-Wise Gourmet to go to straight to the classroom to ask cooking teachers for their favorite local spots for low-budget fare. Ready? Here’s where the pros go. Featuring Lalo's, Les Baux, Corti Brothers, Iron Grill and Serrano's Cafe. Cathy Cassinos-Carr in Sac Mag.

Feast Q&A: Corti Bros. chef keeps traditions alive - As chef for Corti Bros. Market, Andrew Cordaro has been the man behind the scenes for 30 years. He and his staff work in the store’s huge kitchen, a sanctum rarely seen by the multigenerational customers who have shopped at the east Sacramento institution since 1970. Most of what they prepare is displayed in the Cucina Pronta cold caseat the deli. “Everything is made in-house, from scratch,” Cordaro said. Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Mobile food business opening first brick-and-mortar store - Less than a year after entering the mobile food scene, a local entrepreneur is opening his first brick-and-mortar location. Kit Syn is the owner and founder of Ben's Huli Huli Chicken, which last March started offering mobile cuisine at local events. On Monday, Syn will open a restaurant called Ben's Hawaiian Cafe in Folsom. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

The Rind’s a great Sacramento spot for great beer - That’s right, if you’re looking for a smart new beer experience, perhaps you’ve overlooked The Rind, assuming it was more about wine and cheese. While The Rind’s compact and affordable wine list is impressive, so is its inventory of beer. The selection changes often, includes six beers on draft, plenty in the bottles. The staff of 20 includes, among others, a Level 1 cicerone and a serious home brewer. They’re all adept at talking about beer in a way that’s fun and engaging. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

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Dining News: Rum Rok Tiki Bar Coming to 15th & H

Rum rok

Bob Simpson is a busy man.

In addition to being one of the men behind the new Malt & Mash Irish bar coming to 7th & K, he's also the driving force behind Rum Rok, a new tiki bar coming to 15th & H, reports Ben van der Meer in Sac Biz.

By year’s end, nightspot entrepreneur Bob Simpson plans to open a tiki-themed bar called Rum Rok in about 2,500 square feet at 15th and H...

But on a larger scale, Simpson said, he’s wants Rum Rok to be part of a Memorial Auditorium district of nightlife around the much-used edifice on J Street. In addition to Republic, there are plans for a new old-style beer hall concept at a former nightclub near the corner of J and 16th. There's also new housing in the works in three spots farther north on J, as well as at I and 15th streets. And a neighboring building to 805 15th, owned by the state, could become a state welcome center tied to the Governor’s Mansion on the same square block.

Read the entire story in Sac Biz Journal.

On its Web site, Rum Rok says it will have "drinks that will take you away. Tiki with 'tude. Rum Rok will bring you that tropical experience that will be like no other in Sacramento."

None of the previous night clubs at that location have been my scene. I'm excited to see what Simpson does with a tiki bar concept.

More News:

Twelve Rounds Brewing opened on Saturday in East Sac - “We’ll only have a couple of beers on tap, a pale ale and a Hefeweizen,” said Dan Murphy. “We’ve got more beers fermenting. We’ve got an IPA fermenting and this week we’re going to be making a stout.” In the months ahead, Twelve Rounds will also start a barrel-aging program. The plan is to have 12 beers on tap, as in Twelve Rounds. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Feast Q&A: Ryan Dye, founder of Midtown Jerky Co. - Taking a relatively minuscule piece of the jerky market is Ryan Dye, who started Midtown Jerky Co. of Sacramento two years ago. His three flavors are sold in 3.25-ounce foil packages with an image of the Tower Bridge ($7 to $8). The company’s motto: “Freshness plus quality equals awesome.” “You really don’t need a hook to set yourself apart,” said Dye, 33, who previously worked in restaurant management. “You just need to do something better than everybody else.” Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

Southern and comfortable: Sarom’s Southern Kitchen - Overall, it’s best to stick to Sarom’s Southern food—especially the fried chicken and jambalaya. Though the other American dishes we tried might offer plenty of comfort for those who need it, they just didn’t have the technical flair or soulfulness of these two standout Southern staples. Jonathan Mendick in Sac News & Review.

Five things to know about Carmichael's Milagro Centre - What about The Rind? There was once speculation that The Rind, midtown Sacramento's artisan cheese-focused bar, would open a Milagro Centre location. It appears that won't happen. Sonya Sorich in the Sac Biz Journal.

Get your caffeine fix: Two new coffee shops to open soon - Good news for local caffeine addicts: Two additions to the local coffee scene plan to open in upcoming weeks. Temple Coffee's Davis location will hold its grand opening on Aug. 15. The store at 239 G St. is the fourth retail location for the locally owned company. Temple also has a store in the works at 22nd and K streets in midtown Sacramento. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

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Dining News: What San Francisco Mag Says You Should Do in Sacramento


Every city has a local magazine that suggests easy day or weekend trips. We have Sactown Mag and Sac Mag that ably fill that spot locally. But it's always interesting to know what outsiders think are the highlight of your town.

San Francisco magazine recently ran a story on what to do in Sac. Here's some of what they suggested:

Ruhstaller: Celebrated local brewery, Rushtaller (SIC), has a a taproom and beer lab to test out new craft brew recipes downtown (available by appointment) where you can sample their specialty beers and limited releases made from local hops and barley, like their cold-brewed Kenyan coffee-infused ale.

Temple Coffee: The third wave coffee buzz has hit Sacramento hard, with nearly a half-dozen new shrines to caffeine opening over the past few years. If you only hit one, make it Temple Coffee Roasters, the Blue Bottle of the Central Valley.

Grange: A modern restaurant and bar packed with locals (a rarity for hotel restaurants), who come for the dinners that source ingredients from the Sacramento region’s bounty of farms and brave but familiar dishes like ahi tuna with sweet breads and pork served three ways (loin, smoked belly, chicharron) with apricot.

Read the entire story in San Francisco Magazine.

More News:

The Chef's Table buys Rocklin coffee shop - The managing partners of The Chef's Table in Rocklin have purchased a coffee shop next to the restaurant, which they plan to incorporate into their existing business. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Coconuts for the cure: The Alchemist, Liquidology - I have a new addiction and it is the juice at Liquidology in East Sac. The shop is located dangerously close to my work, the juices are smartly packaged and with an arrangement of both mainstay and special seasonal products available, it feels like every time I have the need to juice they've got me creatively covered. Garrett McCord in Sac News & Review.

The Rind - This well-loved cheese bar in midtown is building a side and front patio (pictured below) that will seat about 24 people total. Tori Masucci Cummins & Jessica Rine in Sactown Mag. (Fifth Item.)

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Dining News: About a Bite Bakery Coming to K Street


About a Bite Bakery will replace Blush nightclub on K Street with its first downtown location.

The Gold-River based bakery will open a storefront next to Downtown and Vine, which already carried a selection About a Bite's gift boxes and desserts. Its original location is mostly just a commercial bakery where customers can pick up pre-ordered treats.

A phone message left on Tuesday evening seeking more information was not immediately returned.

When I visited the new location at lunch on Tuesday, it looks like renovation on the space had just begun and it will be months before About a Bite joins Estelle's, Ambrosia and Vampire Penguin as places to get your sweets fix on K street.


Here's how the bakery describes its offerings:

At About a Bite Bakery, we offer three uniquely delicious product lines…Bites, Bars, and Between 2 Cookies.

Are you wondering, “What is a Bite“?  Well a bite is a unique cross between cookie and  candy…and best of all it’s covered in quality couverture chocolate!

Our Bars are comprised of tasty layers of complimentary ingredients portioned into bite sized treats. What can you put Between 2 Cookies? You name it and we’ve tried it!  We start with two delicious freshly baked cookies in a wide variety of flavors  and fill them with luscious creme, gooey caramel, or rich chocolate…what could be better?

Learn more at

More News:

Fire closes Pizzeria Urbano for weeks - If you’ve been craving late-night pizza near the MARRS building the last couple of weeks, you’ve surely noticed the above sign. On Friday, March 27, a wall inside Pizzeria Urbano (1050 20th Street) caught on fire, and reopening hasn’t been as quick as hoped. Janelle Bitker in Sac News & Review.

Tucos closes - The esteemed wine bar and restaurant Tucos closed last Sunday. Owner and chef Pru Mendez told me he ran out of money. Wendy Weitzel in the Davis Enterprise.

Containers to give West Sacramento project a lift - If all goes to plan, Federico Cohan sees local eateries built from shipping containers losing their novelty status and becoming a regular part of the Sacramento restaurant scene. Cohan recently announced a mixed-use development project in West Sacramento, in a lot adjacent to Broderick Roadhouse. It would encompass 15,000 square feet of retail and office space. The three-story project developed by Cohan and his Luxe Urban Life company would use a series of 320-square-foot shipping containers as the basis for the building. His team of partners in the project include Chris Jarosz, co-owner of Broderick Roadhouse. Midtown Sacramento is already home to two businesses built with shipping containers: Der Biergarten and Federalist Public House & Beer Garden. But Cohan wants to haul this concept much farther down the road. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

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